Man Hid Gold Bars Throughout His House And Claimed To Become Ex-CIA — Who Had Been He Really?

Just one mother from California thought she’d found love, but possibly everything glittered wasn’t gold.

Kathi Spiars were built with a rough go of products, with two unsuccessful marriages when she was 3 decades old. But she persevered, as well as in October 1980, Kathi took her 6-year-old daughter and gone to live in Colorado for any new beginning. Kathi, explained family people being an equal mixture of beautiful and vulnerable, found herself employment in a restaurant. It was not lengthy before she snagged the interest of the busboy named Steve Marcum.

“He really was charming and real nice in my experience,” stated Kathi inside a police recording featured in “Charmed To Dying,” airing Sundays at 7/6c on Archiweekend. “He was real protective to the fact that I had been sober and that i was working around cocktails.”

Steve attempted to woo Kathi by showering her with lavish gifts, a number of them surprising for any busboy’s meager wage.

“I remember he required me shopping as a birthday gift,” stated Kathi around the police recording. “And he’d $3,000 in the pocket, and that he would dress me from mind to foot in clothes and jewellery. I had been really impressed with this.”

But there is one obstacle standing between Steve and Kathi, which was Kathi’s boyfriend, who had been allegedly abusive. Kathi wanted out, so the following day, Steve handed her an envelope full of hundred-dollar bills to ensure that she might take her daughter and then leave, nsa.

Steve’s persistence ongoing, and thus did his spending. He even surprised Kathi and her daughter having a completely new Porsche. When peers asked where Steve got the funds, he described he’d inherited money after his parents’ dying, and the man was just a busboy to help keep occupied.

Right after, Kathi permitted Steve to book an area in her own home. It didn’t take lengthy for Kathi to develop concered about several things, for example packages of gold foil within the refrigerator full of hundred-dollar bills, or bars of gold at the back of the bathroom ..

His former roommate, Chris Lewis, had also found gold bars in the toilet when they resided together.

“He opened up up this package, there were easily 25-ounce ingots of solid gold,” Lewis told producers. “He stored them within my toilet tank.”

Steve claimed the gold seemed to be a part of his inheritance.

If Kathi had accusations, these were abated when Steve required Kathi for any vacation in Mexico, where things grew to become romantic. In June1981, the happy couple married. 

The gifts ongoing, as did Steve’s odd behavior. One time, Steve demonstrated Kathi’s daughter, Shawna, several fake IDs and passports, telling the kid he wasn’t really named Steve Marcum. Instead, his name was Eric Stone, and that he would be a mercenary on the move in the CIA.

“He wiped out a civilian,” Kathi stated inside a police interview. “Someone the government didn’t simply tell him to kill.”

Based on Marcum/Stone, he wiped out a guy who had been becoming violent having a lady in a bar. During prison for that murder, he allegedly authored a tell-all book that revealed government secrets and set a target on his mind. His parents were the sufferers of the house fire that required everything he’d, allowing him to alter his name and provide themself a brand new start as Steve Marcum.

For the following couple of years, Steve, also known as Eric, provided Kathi with everything else she could ever imagine: vacations, a 40-acre ranch, even her very own dream salon. But by 1992, the cash had go out, and tension within the marriage arrived at a boiling point. Kathi had endured silicone poisoning from her breast enlargements, so when doctors needed to take them off, Eric resented Kathi.

Eager to keep her husband happy, Kathi thought it might be a enjoyable surprise to achieve to Eric’s senior high school and acquire a duplicate of his yearbook. A guy named Chuck clarified Kathi’s request. In line with the birthdate and outline of Eric Stone, Chuck says he’d known Eric however that Eric Stone wasn’t his real name.

Not just was Eric Stone really Eric Wright, but Chuck confirmed that Eric’s parents were alive and well.

Kathi couldn’t believe what she’d heard and required it upon herself to find Eric’s mother. She known as the lady, who described that they hadn’t seen her boy in an exceedingly lengthy time. Kathi then told Eric that she’d discovered his identity.

“He stated, ‘What have you do in order to us?’” claimed Kathi within the police recording. “You just signed our dying warrant. We’re dead.”

Eric physically attacked Kathi, after 12 many years of marriage, he left home rather than came back. Eric declared divorce, departing Kathi with no money and with no solutions. Kathi grew to become hell-bent on trying to puzzle out who her husband was. 

Because it switched out, Kathi uncovered that does not only had Eric been married two times before, but he was still being married to his second wife as he married Kathi. Also, he had three children between his two former spouses, and he’d abandoned all of them. Plus, Eric wasn’t on the move in the CIA, as he’d claimed.

Through the finish of 1993, Kathi visited California government bodies using the information she’d on hands. San Joaquin County Detective John Huber required the situation. After searching his records, he earned a surprising discovery: Eric Wright have been reported like a missing person in 1980, right before he met Kathi.

In those days, Bob Luca, an investigator for that Department of Justice, headed the analysis into Eric Wright’s disappearance.

Eric had offered in Vietnam prior to getting married the very first time but married his second wife if this demonstrated indications of chance.

“He married Christine,” explained Luca, “who had been the daughter from the superior court judge in Alameda County.”

Through his wife and father-in-law, Eric established themself like a prominent estimate the county and grew to become among the youngest lieutenants ever promoted within the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. Everybody believed he was around the steps for success to becoming sheriff.

But without warning, Eric made the decision to depart his promising career in the sheriff’s office and start a company having a former deputy in gold investments. Eventually, Eric told his partner he was off and away to buy some silver from the seller which he’d return within a few hrs.

Eric never came back.

Investigators found Eric’s abandoned vehicle inside a parking area with trace levels of what appeared as if bloodstream, proof of possible foul play. In Eric’s office, however, government bodies found a magazine regarding how to disappear and begin a brand new existence. Government bodies also discovered the vehicle have been staged to seem like a criminal offense scene, with Eric even using animal bloodstream around the vehicle. They deemed Eric left by himself volition and closed the situation. Eric then began his new existence in Colorado as Steve Marcum. 

But Kathi’s tale from the gold he hid through the home piqued detectives’ interest.

“She known as and requested about any cases involving gold in northern California,” Huber stated. “We were built with a situation from 1980 involving a target, Lester Marks, who had been based in the California aqueduct missing 18 pounds of gold six 3-pound bars worth $850 an oz, at that time. So over $200,000. The Lester Marks situation never was solved.

Marks would be a gold dealer from Bay Area. When his body is discovered, he’d been involved in chains and plastic ties. While looking with the original situation file from 1980, Detective Huber discovered that designed in a notebook in Marks’ apartment was Eric’s name and phone information.

Government bodies eventually found Eric in Denver, and despite interviewing him, they were given nowhere. Whenever a grand jury made the decision to not indict Eric on charges of murder, investigators switched to photos from the original gold bars grabbed in the 1980 crime scene.

Eric’s former roommate, Chris Lewis, confirmed these were exactly the same gold bars he present in his toilet, noting the distinct two-tone color. But as soon being an arrest warrant was issued, Eric disappeared once more.

Kathi told government bodies in regards to a town in Mexico that Eric appeared especially keen on, and lo and behold, Eric was there. Consider no extradition agreement exists between your USA and Mexico, Eric resided freely south from the border for quite some time.

Finally, in May 2002, Detective Huber convinced the FBI to extradite Eric from Mexico.

Eric would ultimately be billed in the murder of Lester Marks. He pleaded guilty and it was charged on wrongful death charges. He was sentenced to 6 years jail time and released 3 years later in 2005.

“My mother wasn’t too happy about this,” Kathi’s daughter, Shawna, told producers. “But she felt really certain that she’d done everything she will. She was happy it had become finally visiting an finish.”

Eric died of cardiac arrest within twelve months of his release. Kathi, whose many years of risk and determination helped get justice, later died of natural causes.

For additional about this situation yet others enjoy it, watch “Charmed To Dying,” airing Sundays at 7/6c on Oxygen or stream episodes here.

Written by Stephanie Green

I am dreamer and book reader.

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