Man Found Wandering Naked Within The Desert Sentenced For ‘Shocking And Gruesome’ Murders Of 4 Relatives

A guy in Missouri continues to be sentenced for brutally murdering four of his family people, together with a 3-month-old baby.

Grayden Denham, 30, was sentenced to four existence sentences plus 115 years for shooting his relatives and burning their physiques in 2016, based on ABC affiliate KMBC News. A Platte County jury found Denham guilty in December for that murders of his grandma and grandpa, Russell and Shirley Denham, his sister, Louise Ager, and Ager’s infant boy, Mason Schiavoni.

Denham was charged of 4 counts all of first-degree murder and armed criminal action, plus one count of second-degree arson, stealing an automobile, and animal abuse, according to court public records.

“The defendant massacred his whole family, such as the pet dog,” stated Platte County Prosecuting Attorney Eric Zahnd. “He shot all of them, including his 3-month-old nephew, within the mind and burned their physiques. They were shocking and nasty murders of the loving family.”

Firefighters were known as to some house fire in the home near Edgerton right before night time on February. 19, 2016, where they found the 4 physiques around the property, based on KMBC. WIBW-TV reported the suspect placed pennies around the victims’ eyes, as observed in the show “The Boondock Saints,” later reported among Denham’s favorite films.

Three from the victims’ physiques remained as burning right in front yard when responders showed up in the scene, as the grandfather’s body was located near an outbuilding, based on the Platte County Citizen. A red gasoline can was discovered nearby.

Denham had past crystal meth use and it was seen quarrelling together with his 82-year-old grandfather eventually prior to the murders, based on WBIW.

Following a murders, Denham stole his 81-year-old grandmother’s Nissan Versa and fled Missouri, based on KMBC. He stole license plates on a trip through Oklahoma and Texas and switched them before selecting Arizona.

2 days following the murders, government bodies in Arizona acted on the tip from the motel manager who reported a suspicious vehicle that didn’t fit in with the visitors, based on CBS News. Police ran the license plates, revealing the automobile were stolen. Denham’s wallet, that contains his Missouri ID, was discovered inside a pile of garments outdoors the unlocked vehicle.

Denham was discovered naked and wandering the desert later on that day. He was arrested and extradited to Missouri to manage charges associated with the quadruple murder.

The trial faced many delays, such as the court’s findings that Denham wasn’t fit to face trial, based on the Connected Press. A legal court later considered the defendant restored to competence, and also the trial began.

Judge James Van Amburg sentenced Denham to existence jail time without the potential of parole for each one of the murder counts, seven years for arson, seven years for auto thievery, and something year for animal abuse, based on KMBC.

“I believe this is actually the only quadruple homicide in Platte County history,” stated Zahnd, based on WBIW. “We can pray it’s the last. But it’s right and merely the man responsible will die imprisonment for his terrible crimes.”

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