Man ‘Executed’ His Ex-Girlfriend On Thanksgiving While She Was On Date With Another Man, Prosecutors Allege

An Illinois man continues to be charged with gunning lower his ex-girlfriend on Thanksgiving while she was on the date with another man.

Robert “Bobby” J. Tarr, 48, has become facing three counts of first-degree murder within the dying of his ex-girlfriend Leslie Reeves—who had trained self-defense courses locally and it was an blunt advocate against domestic violence.

Tarr can also be facing one count of attempted first-degree murder regarding the the shooting of Christopher J. Cruz, 48, who was simply on the date with Reeves, 45, during the time of the shooting, based on The Edwardsville Intelligencer.  

Montgomery County State’s Attorney Andrew Affrunti stated inside a statement acquired by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was known as to perform a welfare check in a Farmersville home around 12:42 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

Deputies showed up to locate both victims within the home. Reeves was pronounced dead in the scene.

Affrunti stated inside a court a week ago the mother of two have been shot within the mind at close range.

“Our opinion is the fact that she was performed by Mr. Tarr throughout the incident,” he stated, based on the the local press.

Cruz was “critically injured” and transported to St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, based on the statement from government bodies.

Montgomery County Sheriff Ron Robbins told that by Monday, Cruz was still being alive “with no true forecasted outcome.”

He declined to supply any extra details, citing the active analysis.

Investigators honed in as Tarr just as one suspect within the situation after uncovering his prior partnership with Reeves.

He was arrested November. 26 at his Collinsville residence.

Although Tarr initially told police he’d never heard about Farmersville coupled with never left his house around the evening of November. 24, Affrunti stated in the court that investigators had discovered evidence suggesting he had left the house.

“Officers interviewed other people who established that Mr. Tarr did actually leave the residence and came back early in the day hrs from the 25th and made an appearance to become upset and disheveled,” he stated, noting that license plate readers also taken his vehicle departing the region around the nights November. 24 and coming back sometime soon after night time.

Based on Affrunti, the “vehicle have been freshly washed and also the floorboard was still being completely soaked.”

Considering the allegations, he contended that Tarr’s bond—which had initially been set at $2 million—be elevated to $4 million.

Tarr’s court-hired defense attorney Brenda Mathis contended, however, that her client was “low-risk” and requested the 48-year-old’s bail be reduced to $100,000.

“It doesn’t appear the condition has had the ability to link Mr. Tarr to those murders. The only real factor they’d have could be him departing his residence, that is roughly an hour or so from the area this was committed in,” she stated. “Outside of this, judge, I did not hear any statements from witnesses that anybody saw Mr. Tarr in the region, or that Mr. Cruz had made any statements that Mr. Tarr was the person that committed this crime.”

The judge within the situation ultimately set the text for $3 million.

Reeves have been who owns Whatever You Studio and Party Devote Troy.  She also trained self-defense courses coupled with been an blunt advocate for domestic violence victims, based on The Telegraph.

Beginning Mushill, the manager director from the Troy/Maryville/St. Jacob/Marine Chamber of Commerce stated inside a statement acquired through the paper that they was “devastated” by Reeves’ dying.

“Our ideas are with individuals all whose lives were touched by her light,” she authored. “We continues Leslie’s empowering pursuit to the very best of our ability, in her own memory.”

She described Reeves like a “powerful, adorable, strong” lady who’d devoted her existence to helping victims of domestic abuse, frequently working along with shelters, food pantries, counselors along with other organizations, based on the statement also acquired through the Belleville News Democrat.

“There isn’t any doubt that they grew to become very vulnerable, promoting in the manner she did,” she authored. “But honestly, I don’t think she’d have walked away from any situation whether it meant helping another person. The tragedy for this scenario is that they lost her existence in the same manner that they protected others.”

Tarr’s next hearing is scheduled for that mid-day of 12 ,. 23.

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