Man Charged With Torturing Neighbors And Killing 4-Year-Old Girl In Make An Effort To Remove ‘Demon’ Pleads Guilty

A Missouri man pleaded guilty to killing 4-year-old neighbor, who had been covered in bruises and damaged blisters, in bizarre make an effort to “remove a demon.”

Ethan Mast, 36, pleaded guilty Tuesday to second-degree murder along with a count of first-degree or attempted assault involving serious physical injuries or perhaps a special victim included in a plea agreement, based on court public records reviewed by

Ethan have been facing charges of first-degree murder, abuse of a kid, child endangerment, assault and armed criminal action within the dying of four-year-old Jessica Mast, who had been found dead on the ground within an upstairs bed room of her family’s Benton County home soon after 1 a.m. on 12 ,. 20, 2020, based on probable cause statements within the situation formerly acquired by

It isn’t obvious what sentence Ethan might be facing because of the agreement however, based on Missouri law, second-degree murder is really a Class A legal, that is typically punishable by existence imprisonment or perhaps a term of “twenty years or even more,” Law &amp Crime reports.

Ethan and Kourtney Aumen, who had been 21-years-old during the time of her arrest, were charged with frequently beating the child—who have been their neighbor—for days so that they can “remove a demon.”

Despite getting exactly the same surname, investigators stated Ethan Mast wasn’t associated with the household.

When she is discovered, Jessica was covered in bruises from her “neck to her ft.” She also had belt marks on her behalf body and open wounds on the rear of her legs that made an appearance to become from ruptured blisters, based on the court papers.

The youthful girl’s father, James Mast, told deputies that before his daughter have been found dead she’d been “beaten, submerged inside a pond, then left to freeze to dying around the bank,” based on an announcement in the Benton County Sheriff’s Department.

James told government bodies that Jessica, his wife Mary and also the couple’s other children have been exposed to days of abuse as a result of their neighbors, who was simply monitoring them through video security cameras within the home, based on the probable cause statements within the situation.

James told investigators he was frequently made to watch the beatings and wasn’t permitted to intervene.

Around the night Jessica died, Mary and James—who will also be facing charges in link with the death—said their neighbors came over and beat Jessica having a belt before they forced Mary to accept child to some nearby pond and dip her naked in to the water. James required her inside and look out onto her bed room, where she was later found dead.

The sheriff’s office stated Mary and her 2-year-old boy were also found “beaten to some severe extent.”

Ethan Mast allegedly told government bodies he had beaten the household to get rid of “demons or evil,” while Aumen allegedly claimed she’d transported the abuse in the request of somebody living in your home, based on the court public records.

Aumen, who’s facing charges of second-degree murder, abuse or neglect of a kid leading to dying, first-degree assault or attempt, two counts of endangering the welfare of a kid and three counts of armed criminal action, pleaded not liable this past year, based on KMMO. Her next court appearance is scheduled for April 6.

Mary and James Mast will also be facing charges of second-degree murder, abuse or neglect of a kid, first-degree assault along with other charges regarding the the dying of the daughter. They’ve each pleaded not liable.

Each published a $500,000 surety bond this past year, based on the local station.

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