Man Charged With Killing Transgender Teen After Sex In Vehicle In Prison For Hate Crime And Murder

A 27-year-old man continues to be charged of second-degree murder along with a hate-crime offense within the dying of the transgender teen in Washington condition 2 yrs ago.

A Clark County Superior Court jury came back the decision Friday against David Bogdanov, The Columbian newspaper reported.

Prosecutors stated Bogdanov met 17-year-old Nikki Kuhnhausen in downtown Vancouver in June 2019, and the man strangled her having a phone charger cable after participating in sexual contact within the back seat of his vehicle and finding she was transgender.

Kuhnhausen’s family and supporters announced “Yes!” silently and tearfully because the hate-crime verdict was read in the court.

“We counseled me holding hands basically we were waiting for the decision to become read which really was effective,” stated Linden Walls, part of the audience Justice for Nikki. “It felt like i was altogether … and also the feeling of relief that came that people got justice for Nikki, that people could push this and also the jury often see it and did the best factor.”

Bogdanov, of Vancouver, claimed self-defense, testifying he wrapped the cord round her shoulder to avoid her from reaching a gun he’d close to the driver’s seat after he purchased her to get away from the vehicle. The cord tucked to her neck, he stated.

He faces a variety of 11 to 19½ years imprisonment as he is sentenced Sept. 9, prosecutors stated. His attorneys declined to comment until following the sentencing.

After Kuhnhausen’s dying, Bogdanov dumped her body lower along side it of Larch Mountain, booked a 1-way flight to Ukraine and known as a buddy to “get rid” of his vehicle, based on trial testimony. He came back towards the U.S. about six days later.

Inside a Facebook publish following a verdict, the audience Justice for Nikki applauded the findings.

“The lengthy buildup for this trial, and also the defense’s tries to in some way paint Nikki, who had been a 17-year-old girl, to be ‘responsible’ for that defendant’s violent actions, were excruciating for all of us, especially for Nikki’s mother Lisa,” the audience authored. “There’s no excuse for which became of Nikki. This hate crime wounded our community.”

In March 2020, Gov. Jay Inslee signed into law House Bill 1687 — dubbed the Nikki Kuhnhausen Act — that stops a defense according to discovery of the victim’s actual or perceived gender identity or sexual orientation.

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