Man Charged With Killing Cheerleader Changes Plea To Guilty During Trial, Will get Existence

After just 2 days of trial, a Texas man charged with killing a cheerleader decades ago altered his plea to guilty and it was sentenced to existence imprisonment.

Now, jurors viewed a relevant video of 78-year-old Glen Samuel McCurley tearfully acknowledging to investigators in 2020 he did indeed kill 17-year-old Carla Jan Master in 1974, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports.

“I required benefit of her, I suppose,” he stated within the clip. “I clogged her to dying, I suppose. […] I’m guilty.”

Tuesday’s proceedings started with Judge Elizabeth Beach proclaiming that she’d received a document by which McCurley had confessed to both teen’s kidnapping and murder, KXAS reports. 

McCurley then changed his plea to guilty and waived his to a jury trial. Beach sentenced him to existence imprisonment and after that, Walker’s family gave impact statements.

“You had choices, plenty of choices that night,” Cindy Stone, Carla’s sister, stated around the stand, based on the Star-Telegram. “You went to kill somebody. You’d your gun, you’d your alcohol, you’d your whiskey, and you’re still not being truthful about all you did. I wish to determine if you’ve carried this out to others, you have to bring that out, because individuals families have to know, too. You’ve got nothing to get rid of at this time. Because it’s been hell.”

Prosecutors told the courtroom that Master is at the vehicle together with her boyfriend following a Love Day dance when McCurley forced the cheerleader from the vehicle and pistol-whipped her boyfriend Rodney McCoy until he was unconscious. Her body was discovered inside a Fort Worth-area ditch 72 hours later after being sexually assaulted, strangled and beaten. Her situation switched cold for many years until McCurley was arrested this past year after DNA linked him towards the crime scene.

DNA evidence retrieved on clothing along with a bra worn by Master throughout the attack was lately delivered to private lab Othram Corporation., which could produce a full DNA profile of the suspect. That, consequently, brought investigators to McCurley, who had been already named just as one suspect in Walker’s situation file. He’d been initially from the crime while he owned a gun that matched the sunday paper available at the crime scene, based on government bodies.

When police initially spoke to McCurley in 2020, he claimed he never witnessed Master before.

Walker’s mysterious killing was explored within an episode of “The DNA of Murder with Paul Holes,” which aired this past year. Her older sister, Cindy Stone, described her like a “little spitfire” within an interview with Holes on the program.

Holes, a famous cold situation investigator who labored around the Golden Condition Killer case, told this past year the arrest “does not bring Carla back, but many will certainly assist the family get justice for which ended for Carla.”

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