Man Charged With Delores Rabaya’s 1994 Murder In Los Angeles

California government bodies believe they have solved a 1994 cold situation by utilizing DNA to link their original suspect towards the crime.

Oceanside Police arrested Jesus “Jesse” Velazquez Ayala, now 58, in the North Park Airport terminal, they stated inside a Thursday statement. He’s being held on charges of first-degree murder, grand thievery auto, automotive thievery and burglary, based on jail records, and bail continues to be set at $5 million.

On New Years Day 1994, Oceanside Police stated these were known as to the house of 54-year-old Delores Rabaya around 7:00 p.m., where they found Rabaya’s body, covered in bloodstream, in their bed. She’d been stabbed 27 occasions, coupled with five stab wounds to her mind, six to her chest along with other “defensive wounds showing that Dolores had tried to protect against her attacker,” law enforcement statement stated.

Police suspected Ayala from the beginning, based on the Occasions of North Park. The then-30-year-old man, who labored like a caretaker in Carlsbad, been seen celebrating New Year’s Eve with Rabaya in a local bar and also the two left together.

Within their statement now, police stated there is too little physical evidence tying Ayala towards the crime in 1994, as the Occasions noted that Ayala fled town soon after the murder by stealing a vehicle in the home where he’d been working.

In 2015 — 21 years after Rabaya’s murder — the North Park County District Attorney’s Office reopened the cold situation and posted forensic evidence collected in 1994 for more analysis using “current technology.” Based on the North Park Union-Tribune, that evidence incorporated DNA which investigators could tie to Ayala.

A warrant for Ayala’s arrest was issued in 2016, but he had not been seen since 1994.

Based on the Occasions, investigators could track Ayala to Mexico and, in cooperation with Mexican government bodies, could extradite him to North Park around the morning of February. 9.

Ayala arrives in court on March 1. It’s unclear if he’s an attorney at the moment.

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