Man Charged Of Shooting Friend, Hiding Corpse In Concrete Crawl Space ‘Tomb’

A Colorado man was sentenced to existence imprisonment a week ago for killing uncle and burying your body inside a makeshift “tomb” in the incomplete basement.

Russell Montoya Junior., 39, was was discovered guilty within the nasty murder of 38-year-old Shane Nelson, whose body was discovered “encased” in concrete inside a laundry room crawl space in 2019. 

Montoya was charged of first-degree murder and tampering having a deceased body on April 16 carrying out a four-day trial. He received a existence sentence with no possibility of parole.

“The nasty nature of the crime is beyond words,” Adams County Da John Mason stated in an announcement. “I’m grateful towards the jury for long lasting with the presentation from the evidence as well as for coming back a just verdict.”

On November. 8, 2019, Russell Montoya Junior., 39, fatally shot Nelson at his home in unincorporated Adams County after a disagreement erupted in reference to his youngest daughter, based on an arrest affidavit acquired by 

Montoya told detectives he was making homemade gun holsters in the kitchen with Nelson when uncle, who had been consuming vodka, made “rude” and “disrespectful” comments about his daughter. Montoya alleged that Nelson ultimately lunged at him because the fight escalated and attempted grabbing a holstered hand gun from the inside Montoya’s waistband.

Montoya stated he came the gun in self-defense, firing four shots throughout 12 seconds, striking Nelson within the mind, stomach, and torso. He later left the home, bought cigarettes, and drove around for hrs. Nelson was moaning when Montoya left, based on the arrest affidavit. 

Montoya purchased cleaning utility caddy, bags of concrete, along with a sheet of drywall at home Depot. He later wrapped Nelson’s body inside a blanket and placed it beneath the laundry room staircase, investigators stated. Montoya then built a little wood frame within the crawl space, put concrete over Nelson’s corpse, and used epoxy to “reduce the smell.” Montoya told detectives he’d planned to close from the area with drywall. As a whole, Montoya told investigators he spent 16 hrs building the makeshift funeral chamber.  

“Russell stated he made a decision to help keep Shane’s body within the residence and the man would lead him to a ‘tomb’ within the laundry room,” the affidavit alleged.

Montoya’s daughter, who had been suspicious having seen a recently put “concrete slab” within the laundry room and bloodstream stains around the basement steps, reported her father to government bodies. On November. 14, 2019, A SWAT team swarmed the house and uncovered Nelson’s body. 

Based on detectives, Montoya also put away Nelson’s “bloody” mobile phone, backpack, and vehicle keys, then dumped his friend’s vehicle in an apartment complex lower the road. 

The 2 men have been buddies for twenty five years, Montoya’s family told government bodies. 

Montoya’s public defender, David Michael Couture, didn’t immediately react to when contacted for discuss the situation on Monday. 


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