Man Charged Of Murder After Ex-Governor Matt Bevin Pardoned Him Of Same Crime

A guy pardoned by Kentucky’s former governor for any 2014 drug robbery killing continues to be charged for the similar slaying in federal court following a two-week trial.

Federal prosecutors introduced charges against Patrick Baker after he was launched from prison when former Gov. Matt Bevin pardoned him on his way to avoid it of office in 2019. Baker’s family had political connections to Bevin, including hosting a fundraising event for that one-term governor.

A federal jury in eastern Kentucky charged Baker Wednesday on the control of murder committed throughout a drug trafficking crime after about six hrs of contemplation on 2 days.

U.S. District Judge Claria Horn Boom will sentence Baker, 43, on 12 ,. 21. Prosecutors declined to find the dying penalty, but Baker could serve existence imprisonment around the conviction.

“At its core, this situation involved one factor: Patrick Baker’s role within the dying of Jesse Mills,” Carlton Shier, the acting U.S. Attorney for eastern Kentucky, stated inside a news release Wednesday. “Having heard evidence, the jury found him guilty.”

Baker was charged of reckless homicide in Jesse Mills’ dying in condition court in 2017. He was sentenced to 19 years imprisonment, but Bevin’s pardon released him and erased the conviction. Bevin known as evidence against Baker “sketchy,” although the former governor didn’t mention his ties to Baker’s family.

Federal prosecutors stated Baker was prosecuted the 2nd time underneath the “dual sovereignty doctrine,” which enables condition and federal officials to prosecute exactly the same defendant for the similar actions without infringing on double risk protections.

Baker’s lawyer, Louisville attorney Steve Romines, stated he’d appeal.

“We felt there is evidence which should happen to be accepted which was not,” he told the Courier Journal.

Prosecutors stated Baker wiped out Mills, a medication dealer in Knox County, in 2014 while attempting to take advantage of Mills of money and discomfort pills. Baker posed like a U.S. Marshal throughout the crime.

Mills’ pregnant wife and kids were held at gunpoint while Baker ransacked the victims’ home for oxycodone pills, based on the U.S. Attorney. Evidence in the trial including covering casings associated with Baker’s pistol and surveillance video showing Baker buying handcuff restraints hrs prior to the killing.

Baker’s release was certainly one of a slew of pardons by Bevin in the finish of his term that came rebuke from both Democrats and Republicans.

Baker’s pardon was especially questionable, since his family had held a fundraising event for Bevin the prior year, raising $21,500 for that Republican’s unsuccessful reelection campaign.

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