Man Billed With Murder In Situation Of Dismembered Pennsylvania Lady Present In Tampa

A Tampa-area man already imprisonment continues to be billed within the nasty dismemberment of the Pennsylvania lady discovered within the Tampa Bay.

Robert Kessler, 69, was billed a week ago with second-degree murder and legal abuse of the body within the dying of Stephanie Crone-Overholts, 47, a mom of three who’d lately showed up in Florida from western Pennsylvania. 

Crone-Overholts was identified following the Tampa Police released photos of the distinctive tattoo seen on the dismembered leg retrieved from McKay Bay, a waterway around the southeast side from the city. The tattoo portrayed three intertwined red hearts with blue-and-white-colored banners bearing three names: Sean, Greg and Zach, that have been what they are called of Crone-Overholts’ sons.

Sean Overholts issued an announcement before Kessler’s arrest, that they referred the Tampa Bay Occasions to after that: “My family and that i are devastated. This is a living nightmare. It’s unimaginable what she experienced.”

Tampa Police Interim Chief Ruben Delgado announced the costs throughout a Wednesday night press conference.

“We believe it’s very essential that we allow the Tampa community realize that the individual accountable for this heinous crime is from the roads tonight,” he stated before the Christmas.

Crone-Overholts’ inked leg was pulled in the water on November. 11, adopted by other areas after that. Erie, Penn. Police Chief Dan Spizarny confirmed towards the Occasions the woman’s mother filed military services weapons persons set of November. 11. Based on Tampa’s Delgado, detectives spoke to Kessler on November. 14.

“Whenever we went to speak with Mr. Kessler concerning the missing person are convinced that Stephanie was filed upon in Pennsylvania, he told us that Stephanie was remaining there for some time but however had created a couple of days prior,” Delgado told reporters. “It had been rapidly determined that what he was telling us wasn’t factual.”

The located Crone-Overholts’ vehicle on November. 16 and started serving search warrants after that. They confirmed her identity on November. 20 based on Delgado, the vehicle and also the search warrants offered at Kessler’s house switched up bloodstream which was recognized as Crone-Overholts’, which, as well as other evidence, letting them classify her dying like a homicide.

Kessler — who didn’t need to be identified at that time — spoke to NBC affiliate WFLA in Tampa on Monday about how exactly he met the lady he’s now billed with killing.

“I met her on Fletcher at McDonald’s,” he told the station, talking about Fletcher Avenue in north Tampa. (There’s two McDonalds onto it it’s unclear that one Kessler was referring.) “Me and my young girl met her and she or he were built with a Pennsylvania plate and it was in her own vehicle, also it was apparent to determine that they was destitute and remained in her own vehicle, and she or he described in my experience that her ankles increase the size of because she rested in her own vehicle.”

Kessler stated the 2 struck up a discussion because he’d formerly resided in her own hometown of Erie, and that’s why he asked her to stick with him. “I simply asked her to remain since i have three bedrooms and 2 baths, and she or he was from Erie, Pennsylvania.”

“She’d go away through the night sometimes,” he added, “but she always acted normal and she or he was always real good and meticulous about washing the house up for me personally.” 

Kessler told law enforcement such like about how exactly they met, based on Delgado, though he particularly told the station that he’d requested Crone-Overholts to depart.

Kessler includes a criminal history within the Tampa San francisco bay area dating back to a minimum of to 1987, based on condition records reviewed by It offers 11 cocaine possession convictions, nine cocaine purchase convictions, one grand thievery conviction and something petit thievery/third conviction charge. His last conviction seems to become from 2011, around the petit thievery charge he was launched from prison in 2013.

Following a announcement from the charges against Kessler, Sean Overholts gave a brand new statement to WFLA.

“My mother she would be a loving person,” he stated. “She might not have made the very best decisions in existence, but she was my mother, she loved us greatly and she or he didn’t deserve what went down to her and no-one does.”

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