Man Billed With Dying of Missing Teen Fights To Help Keep Jury From Listening To Prior Wrongful death Conviction

The person billed using the murder of the Ohio teen who disappeared in ’09 is attempting to keep a jury from listening to an earlier involuntary wrongful death conviction in 1993 and the confession for the reason that situation.

Robert Moore is billed with irritated murder for that dying of Glenna White-colored, 16. Her body has not been found. The Portage County Sheriff’s Office and also the U.S. Marshals Service are providing as much as $10,000 for information which enables them to close the situation.

Moore, 51, has been held in the Mahoning City Jail on the $a million bond. He was indicted for White’s murder on 12 ,.16.

The situation was reopened in 2020 following the Portage County Sheriff’s Office had a tip while investigating another cold situation homicide from 1994.

Moore’s attorneys want his conviction for that dying of Virginia Lecorchick, 22, covered up because “it could be unfairly prejudicial to defendant.”

Assistant Mahoning County Prosecutor Mike Yacovone contended inside a motioned filed the 2009 week the evidence ought to be accepted because Lecorchick’s dying is “strikingly similar” as to the became of White-colored. He “committed basically exactly the same crime two times with various victims.”

White-colored was spending time with someone on June 2 including, her boyfriend Charles Shreve, Moore, and the girlfriend, Deanna Shreve, who’s Charles’ mother. Both Moore and White-colored were apparently consuming.

White-colored accused Moore of touching her inappropriately and seeking to rape her. Moore required White-colored home so when he came back around an hour later, he was “covered in bloodstream splatter from his waist up,” based on prosecutors. He stated he’d experienced a bar fight.

White-colored has not been seen again.

A few days after White-colored disappeared, the Sebring Fire Department taken care of immediately an automobile fire. The vehicle that Moore left along with White-colored around the night she went missing was destroyed within the fire.

16 years earlier, Moore met Virginia Lecorchick in a bar. They made the decision to depart the bar to visit have a few beers in a nearby lake.

While at the sea, Moore requested Lecorchick if she desired to have sexual intercourse, but she stated no and ran away, based on court papers.

Moore ran after her and then told police “I leaped on her behalf i then just began hitting her.” When requested why he hit her he stated he “just exploded.”

Once she was unconscious, he required her body and put it within the lake.

Moore confessed towards the crime and it was later charged of involuntary wrongful death, serving fifteen years imprisonment.

“He gives they drinks, asks the ladies to have relations with him, so when they are saying no, try to escape, threaten police action, and/or cry rape he beats these to dying. His intent would be to eliminate evidence against him. … Defendant repeated this pattern with victims,” prosecutors authored within their motion.

A hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.                                  

White’s aunt, Sarah Raymond, told WEWS in December, the family had lengthy wished the teen’s story might have a contented ending.

“We always had hope that they was returning home, that they was available somewhere,” Raymond stated.

She later added: “She would be a good person. She made everybody’s existence better. She did almost anything to help anybody and that is part of us we are not going to have again.”

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