Man Arrested After His Girlfriend Tips Government bodies To Missing Woman’s Remains In Well

Military services weapons West Virginia woman’s remains have been located inside a well on the secluded farm following the murder suspect’s girlfriend brought investigators towards the area.

Cheyenne Manley, 35, was last seen alive on Thursday. Her family reported her missing on Sunday, Jackson County Sheriff Ross Mellinger stated in a Monday press conference. 

Between Sunday and Monday, a tip brought investigators to speak to Michael Wayne Cruz, 41. He allegedly “accepted to killing her and getting rid of her body inside a deep water well around the property,” Kanawha County Chief Deputy Greg Youthful mentioned in the presser.

Johnson’s body ended up being found inside a well on the Sissonville area farm, based on a pr release in the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office. She was recognized by her tattoos. 

Cruz allegedly told a detective he shot Manley within the mind having a rifle. He’d been released from police custody in mid-April for unrelated charges.

The end that brought to Johnson’s remains originated from Smith’s girlfriend. She initially told detectives that they had overheard a guy say they introduced Manley to a woman’s farm where she was wiped out, West Virginia’s WCHS reports. Later, she accepted to being Smith’s girlfriend. Fearing that they would lose child custody of her children, she aavarice to consider a detective towards the well.

Investigators believe Manley was wiped out on Thursday. At Monday’s presser, investigators mentioned that they don’t think you will find accomplices at this time.

A complaint, acquired by WCHS, alleges that Manley was wiped out carrying out a dispute over his girlfriend’s vehicle. Smith claimed the victim, who’s nicknamed “Sunshine,” attempted stabbing his girlfriend before he shot her.

Cruz has been billed with first degree murder. He hasn’t yet joined a plea. It’s unclear whether he’s a lawyer.

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