Man Allegedly Drags Pregnant Girlfriend From Her Caretaker Job Site Before Killing Her

An expectant Florida lady is dead after her boyfriend allegedly kidnapped her and pulled her from her work place.

Andreae Lloyd, 27, what food was in her job in a Miami-Dade group home on Tuesday morning when “a male showed up and started to physically beat her,” the Miami-Dade Police Department mentioned inside a Wednesday pr release. 

“The subject pulled and compelled the victim right into a white-colored Honda Social” before you take off into an “unknown direction,” police mentioned.

By Wednesday, police identified Lloyd’s boyfriend Xavier Manley, 32, because the suspect behind her abduction and subsequent dying. They have billed him with first-degree murder, kidnapping, and burglary with assault.

Police noted that human remains were found in Homestead but they’re pending official identification through the local medical examiner’s office. The remains were found in the large metal box, the kind that’s typically located on the back of the pickup, CBS Miami reports. Johnson’s truck was allegedly parked nearby.


“We have billed the individual accountable for her abduction &amp murder,” Miami-Dade Police Director Alfredo “Freddy” Ramirez tweeted on Wednesday. “Family, buddies &amp our community are hurting since her tragic disappearance.”

Lloyd’s father, Arnold Lloyd, told Miami outlet WFOR that his daughter involved to interrupt track of Manley, whom she’d dated for 11 years.

“She would leave him while he was messing around,” he stated. “She was just like a wife to him. Despite the fact that he was the boyfriend. She was just like a wife to him.”

He stated that police demonstrated him Ring camera footage from the abduction.

“She opened up the doorway for him. They attacked her, put her lower, put her in their vehicle, and drove away,” he relayed.

Alfreda Lyons, Lloyd’s godmother, told WFOR that Lloyd’s slaying leaves her two youthful sons, ages 1 and 5, with no mother. She would be a couple of days pregnant together with her third child.

It isn’t obvious if Manley includes a lawyer. He’s being held on no bond.

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