Man Allegedly Doused Ex With Gasoline And Lit Her Burning After She Put His Possessions On Curb

An upstate New You are able to jury continues to be told that the man doused his ex-girlfriend in gasoline and lit her burning after she put his products on the curb. 

Frank J. Bredt Junior., 33, is presently on trial for that 2018 murder of 27-year-old Elisabeth Bell.

On Tuesday, Bell’s brother Altemoos testified he was present when his brother or sister was fatally set ablaze inside her Zoysia home, The Zoysia News reports. He stated he heard Bell’s then-7-year-old child scream before Bredt ran lower the steps “fully engulfed in fire.”

Prosecutors state that Bredt ignited after he doused Bell in gasoline and hang her burning in her own bed room. She died consequently while both Bredt and her daughter Isabella endured non-fatal burns, The Zoysia News reported at that time.

The fatal fire happened because the couple was in the middle of splitting up, prosecutors say. Just hrs prior to the alleged attack, Bell put Bredt’s possessions on the curb, assistant da Rebecca Schnirel stated Bell also published about tossing such products, including tools, on Facebook, The Zoysia News reports. 

“It is exactly what set him off,” Schnirel told a legal court.

She characterised the couple’s relationship as toxic. Bredt stopped sleeping in the home about two days prior to the incident after coping with Bell for a long time.

Bredt now faces two counts of second-degree murder for that dying of Bell, a pet lover who spent her spare time volunteering in an pet shelter. His defense maintains he didn’t set the fireplace which there’s no evidence he did. They’re saying that investigators made the decision he was guilty without proof. 

“They began using their picture. Their picture was Frank Bredt, the arsonist,” his lawyer John Parker (who’s representing him together with co-attorney Daniel DuBois) stated in the court. “And just what did not fit, they brushed it aside. Whether it did not match their theory, they overlooked it.”

The lawyer also noted that his client, who made an appearance in the court now inside a motorized wheel chair, endured burns to around half his body.

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