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Man Allegedly Confesses To Strangling , Beating Girlfriend To Dying Before Texting Her Ex

A guy is charged with strangling his girlfriend having a belt and beating her having a baseball bat after which texting her ex-husband to confess.

Michael Lowell Munger, 53, was arraigned on charges of second-degree murder for that dying of his partner, Lynnie Ann Loucks, 43, based on the Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Office.

On Thursday, Loucks’ ex-husband requested government bodies to carry out a welfare check at Munger and Loucks’ shared home within an unincorporated area north of Brainerd, Missouri.

Munger had sent the ex-husband a text saying Loucks was “gone,” per the criminal complaint.

When deputies showed up, they found Munger within the front yard with bloodstream on his body and garments, court public records show. Munger allegedly told deputies something towards the aftereffect of, “You’re far too late she’s gone.”

Munger was arrested in this area, based on the sheriff’s office.

Officials found Loucks’ body inside a basement bed room within the residence, laying inside a pool of her very own bloodstream having a belt round her neck.

The official reason for dying has not yet been determined.

Following his arrest, Munger allegedly confessed to government bodies that he’d beat his girlfriend having a baseball bat and the man “did what he did” following the couple fought against over infidelity.

Munger stated he and Loucks have been inside a relationship for just one year, but court public records reveal that Munger had past domestic violence with others prior to the couple moved in together.

In This summer 2015, Munger was charged on charges of terroristic threats and reckless disregard of risk after officials using the Breezy Point City Police Department taken care of immediately a domestic incident involving Munger and the then-partner, named within the probable cause affidavit only by her initials “CD.” The victim was granted an urgent situation no-contact order.

Munger unsuccessful to look in the court for that order and ongoing delivering threatening texts and calling C.D. at her workplace.

“I don’t worry about your restraining order I will kill you,” Munger allegedly stated in a single call. “I’m likely to kill you.”

C.D. reported that they believed Munger had ongoing to her from his sister’s phone, frequently just breathing alternatively line.

“Based upon information and belief, a suspicious male was observed in the defendant’s residence but ran away as he was seen by CD’s child,” based on the affidavit through the Pequot Ponds Police Department. “After a mans ran away, it had been learned that a can filled with gasoline have been left at CD’s residence.”

Government bodies couldn’t locate Munger following the incident but found him three several weeks later after Munger created a bar in Breezy Point. Officials initially pulled him over for speeding but, when requested about violating his restraining order, Munger told government bodies the protected party understood much better than to “poke a bear.”

He added that they was “going to create this on herself.”

Munger also threatened to “look up” the officer in this area, indicating that the cop’s goal ought to be to finish his shift and go back home alive.

“[The officer] felt threatened through the defendant’s statements and felt the defendant was attempting to intimidate him,” based on the affidavit.

Munger was charged with stalking with intent to injure along with other traffic violations. The stalking charge was later ignored.

In 2016, someone else reported that Munger violated another restraining order after he allegedly attempted adding her like a friend on Facebook, something he was clearly barred from doing.

Individuals court public records reveal that Munger had also pleaded guilty to legal harassment or “threaten to kill” charges coupled with formerly pleaded guilty this year in Washington condition for gross misdemeanor domestic violence.

The occasions precipitating the restraining order that Munger violated in 2016 weren’t obvious.

Loucks’ dying marks the eighth confirmed victim of intimate partner violence within the condition since the beginning of 2020, based on Violence Free Minnesota.

Munger has been held in the Crow Wing City Jail on a single count of second-degree murder with intent/not premeditated and something count of second-degree murder without intent while committing a legal. He’s likely to come in court on May 12. 

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