Louisiana Autistic Lady Found Dead, Covered In Maggots And Feces, On Parents’ Couch

Two parents face may murder charges after their adult daughter’s remains put together within their family room couch.

With what police stated among the worst-ever installments of alleged neglect in the region, Lacey Fletcher, 36, was discovered dead in the Slaughter, Louisiana home of her parents, Sheila and Clay Fletcher, on Jan. 3, WBRZ reports.

Her body allegedly demonstrated severe indications of neglect and it was found sunk right into a hole she’d made around the sofa after not moving from this whatsoever inside a lengthy time period — possibly years — just before her dying.

“The caretakers let her take a seat on the couch,” Da Mike D’Aquilla told “She just urinated and used the restroom around the couch. It had been so terrible.”

The parish coroner, Ewell Bickham III, stated Lacey Fletcher considered 96 pounds when she died. When she is discovered, she allegedly had maggots throughout her body as well as in her matted hair, and her face, chest and abdomen was covered in human feces. She’d pressure ulcers — also referred to as bedsores — on her behalf backside which were bone-deep and perhaps due to the proven fact that she’d worn an opening in to the couch cushion by which she’d both sat and accustomed to urinate and defecate.

Her remains also tested positive for COVID-19, though nobody outdoors her family saw her in a long time.

Bickham ruled Fletcher’s dying a homicide because of “severe chronic neglect,” D’Aquilla told NOLA.

Bickham told WBRZ he was very disturbed through the situation.

“I could not eat for any week, and that i cried for any week,” he stated of his condition of mind following the autopsy. Based on NOLA, he was the one that tight on an analysis in to the conditions of her dying.

D’Aquilla asks a great jury to indict the mother and father on second-degree murder charges on Monday.

“The question on everybody’s thoughts are, how is it caretakers living in the home together with her and also have her enter an ailment like this?” D’Aquilla told “It’s cruelty towards the infirm. We can’t let it sit.”

Within an interview with investigators on Jan. 18, the mother and father allegedly stated their daughter was possibly autistic which she hadn‘t seen a counselor for which they referred to as several social anxiety since she is at her twenties. They claimed, however, that they was of seem mind during the time of her dying, despite the things they stated was her intense anxiety about moving in the sofa she’d formerly declined to cooperate in her own parents’ wish to have her committed, based on a police report.

Her parents stated that they under your own accord started eating less within the fall and died around the morning of Jan. 3, that is once they known as police.

It isn’t obvious when the parents have lawyers. Based on NOLA, government bodies made the decision to not arrest the pair prior to the grand jury listens to evidence within the situation.

Shelia would be a town alderman who resigned from her publish in Feb, WBRZ reports. She’d formerly labored like a police and court clerk in Baker so that as a helper towards the city prosecutor in Zachary, based on her LinkedIn page. Clay Fletcher is definitely an officer from the nonprofit Baton Rouge Civil War Roundtable, based on

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