‘Let’s Kill Her’: Woman Uncovers Husband’s Alleged Plot To Kill Her While Going Through His Texts, Authorities Say

A Tennessee man’s alleged plot to kill his wife unraveled after she discovered text messages on his phone discussing the sinister plan with another woman, authorities say.

Jerry McDonald is now facing charges of solicitation of murder after authorities say he spoke in disturbing detail about his plans to kill his wife of two years and make off with her money, local station WRCB reports.

McDonald’s wife told police she discovered the alleged plan after McDonald had passed out one morning after a night of drinking.

She told investigators that she had planned to use his cell phone to call his work and report that he wouldn’t be in that afternoon, but as she picked up the phone, she allegedly discovered a series of text messages from a 39-year-old woman, Vanessa Nelson, according to The Chatanoogan.

According to a transcript obtained by the news outlet from the police, one exchange began with Nelson allegedly asking “Do I need to kill her?”

McDonald reportedly responded “Please kill her, babe, please. I am begging you,” before adding “I need you.”

“I need you more,” she responded.

In a later conversation, the pair allegedly discussed how much McDonald’s wife would be worth if she was dead.

“This b—- is worth a million,” McDonald texted, according to the transcript. “I’m saying we kill her and I collect a million and we live like the kings and queens we are.”

“I do BC it bothers me,” Nelson allegedly said before adding, “So she has a million in life insurance.”

“Then let’s kill her,” McDonald responds.

The topic of murder surfaces again in a third conversation where McDonald allegedly provided more details about his wife’s money.

“There’s over a million in her dad’s safe,” he wrote, according to the transcript. “I won’t get caught.”

When Nelson responds that they’d be “stealing it,” McDonald appears to brush her concerns off texting back simply, “Whatever babe.”

“We aren’t criminals,” she said, before saying “And we don’t care about money. At least I don’t.”

McDonald allegedly responded, “I don’t either but I’m saying we have a way if we choose to. I’m not even joking. All I want is you babe. That’s all I care about.”

McDonald’s wife told police she had been married to him for the past two years but had known him for 20 years. 

McDonald’s wife said after reading the messages she feared for her life and contacted police.

Bridgett Raper, a communications strategist with the Small Cities Coalition of Hamilton County, told that McDonald had been a volunteer reserve officer with the Red Bank Police Department before his arrest.

He has been placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation into the allegations against him.

McDonald is currently being held at the Hamilton County Jail on a $75,000 bond, WRCB reports.

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