‘Let’s Have A Similar Energy We Did With Gabby,’ Teen Gets Lost Near John Laundrie Search

A Florida teen has disappeared near to in which the much talked about look for John Laundrie takes place. 

Desirae Malava-Ortiz, 16, left her home in North Port now rather than came back, its northern border Port police department authored inside a Thursday pr release.

“Desirae left by unknown way of travel, putting on torn jeans, a mystery color sweatshirt, and white-colored footwear,” they noted. “Desirae wasn’t found at her boyfriend’s residence or her workplace.”

They feel that they might be by having an 18-year-old person called Tyler, who drives a grey, 2-door Honda sedan having a tan-colored passenger side door. Her family thinks she might have lately experienced the Venice or Nokomis area.

“She’s such as the most nicest person I’ve known since junior high school,” one commenter authored around the pr release, published around the police department’s Facebook page.

“Come on y’all let’s have a similar energy we did with gabby,” authored another.

Gabrielle “Gabby” Petito, 22, and her boyfriend John Laundrie existed within the same town as Malava-Ortiz for around annually before they launched into their now-well known mix country trip.

Petito’s remains put together in Wyoming on Sept. 19, days after Laundrie, 23, came back to his parents’ home in North Port without her. Laundrie continues to be named a person of great interest within the analysis into her disappearance. There’s a federal arrest warrant issued for Laundrie’s arrest for that unauthorized utilization of a debit or charge card following Petito’s murder, although it does not specify whose card he allegedly used. 

Laundrie continues to be unaccounted for since mid-September when his parents claim he disappeared while hiking in Florida’s Sarasota County’s Carlton Reserve. Multiple attempts to obtain the fugitive at this swampy reserve, including searching that involved Laundrie’s father on Thursday, haven’t been effective. 

The Petito murder and also the manhunt to discover Laundrie has dominated this news cycle. The press craze has uncovered a within the mainstream coverage of other missing people, particularly people of color.

Anybody with specifics of Malava-Ortiz’s location is advised to make contact with North Port Detective Kishia Veigel at 941.429.7335 or 

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