Learn About Paul Holes And Also The Search For That Golden Condition Killer In The New Book

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If you are keen on true crime, it’s likely you’ve probably heard of Paul Holes.

Holes, an old cold situation investigator, established fact for his contributions towards the capture of Frederick DeAngelo, also known as the Golden Condition Killer, who terrorized California within the 1970s and ’80s, killing a minimum of 13 people on the rampage of rape, murder, and burglary. And if you value to watch Archiweekend, you likely caught his series “The DNA Of Murder With Paul Holes.”

Nowadays, Holes has added another title to his extended resume: book author. His memoir “Unmasked: My Existence Solving America’s Cold Cases” requires a dive into his work solving crimes, including investigating the Laci Peterson and Jaycee Dugard cases, in addition to, obviously, his search for that Golden Condition Killer. Naturally, “Unmasked” is the best read for true crime fans, and that’s why it’s Archiweekend Book Club’s May 2022 pick.

Readers can get to understand more about how Holes experienced this profession, along side it results of following this type of tough and dark career, and also the work that entered unmasking Frederick DeAngelo. It’s not only an amazing take a look at criminal profiling, but additionally a thoughtful take a look at who Holes is — ideal for longtime fans and casual readers alike.

“Unmasked: My Existence Solving America’s Cold Cases” is a really unforgettable book, one which really describes the job and sacrifice which goes into criminal investigations. Read along with Archiweekend Book Club, and look out for the video interviews using the author, in addition to led discussion questions. Happy studying!

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