Lawmakers Want Dying Penalty Reprieve For Lady Charged Of Killing Toddler Daughter Among Questions Over Guilt

Several Texas lawmakers is asking the execution of the lady charged of killing her toddler daughter be delayed or commuted among questions regarding her guilt.  

80-three Texas legislators have signed instructions meant for Melissa Lucio, 53, who’s scheduled to die by lethal injection on April 27.

“We ask that you simply pay particular focus on the brand new scientific evidence which has emerged because the duration of Ms. Lucio’s trial showing that her daughter, Mariah, died following a tragic accident instead of a deliberate capital murder,” the letter states.

Lucio, an old janitor, was charged for that dying of her 2-year-old child Mariah in 2007. The lady died of the blunt-pressure injuries towards the mind, the Texas Tribune reports.

However, the lawmakers state that “Ms. Lucio was sentenced for any murder that, to put it simply, didn’t occur, with no eyewitness account exists saying otherwise. Ms. Lucio’s situation is a that provides the most powerful dying penalty proponents in our midst pause.”

Once the toddler was discovered dead, investigators discovered bruises, scratches along with a bite mark on her behalf body. 

While Lucio accepted to spanking and biting Mariah, she denied getting anything related to a mind injuries. The Innocence Project of Texas, who’s representing Lucio, states the kid had fallen lower the steps in their home days earlier. At that time, the 2 resided with Lucio’s husband and nine other children Mariah was the youngest.

In a rally requesting clemency for that mother, certainly one of her sons told KXAN, “She’s an excellent mother. She’s not really a perfect mother. Everyone has imperfections.”

Within their letter, Lawmakers explain disparities between how Lucio and her husband were treated following a girl’s dying.

“Unlike Ms. Lucio, who’d no documented good reputation for violence towards her children, her husband had past assaultive behavior but has become a totally free man after serving a four-year sentence for child endangerment,” they condition.

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