Lady Sues Bob Dylan For Allegedly Sexually Mistreating Her Growing Up In 1965

A lady is accusing legendary music performer Bob Dylan of sexually mistreating her in 1965 when she was still being a young child, according to a different suit.

Bob Dylan, the 80-year-old singer and songwriter of hits for example ‘Like A Moving Stone’ and ‘Mr. Tambourine Man,’ is charged with plying the defendant with alcohol and drugs in 1965, based on Page Six. The victim, known only as ‘J.C.’ in the court records, claims Dylan sexually mistreated her when she was 12 years of age.

The 68-year-old complaintant filed a suit on Friday using the Manhattan Top Court.

“Bob Dylan, more than a six-week period between April and could of 1965 befriended and established a psychological reference to the complaintant,” based on court public records reported by Page Six.

Representatives from the complaintant declare that Dylan groomed the lady to “lower [J.C.’s] hang-ups using the object of sexually mistreating her, that they did, along with the supply of medication, alcohol, and threats of assault, departing her emotionally damaged and psychologically broken even today.”

The accuser claims the sexual abuse happened over a number of appointments with Dylan’s apartment in the Chelsea Hotel.

A spokesperson for Dylan states the allegations are false.

“The 56-year-old claim is false and will also be intensely defended,” the spokesperson told Page Six, who broke the storyline.

Throughout the finish of April and into May of 1965, at about the time once the alleged abuse required place, Dylan was on the U.K. Tour, based on NBC. Areas of the tour were taken in ‘Don’t Think Back,’ a 1967 documentary by filmmaker D.A. Pennebaker.

Based on Clinton Heylin’s 1996 biography, ‘Bob Dylan: A Existence Stolen By Moments Daily 1941-1995,” Dylan was chronicled within the U.K. before visiting France and Portugal into June of 1965, based on the BBC.

Daniel Isaacs, J.C.’s attorney, states the “complaint speaks by itself,” based on Page Six.

“She provided lots of more information concerning the amount of time in question that leaves without doubt that they was with him within the apartment in the period under consideration,’ stated Isaacs.

It had been only at that apartment in the Chelsea Hotel that Dylan’s seventh studio album, ‘Blonde On Blonde,’ was created, based on The Daily Animal.

J.C. claimed the abuse against her caused depression, humiliation, and anxiety that “are of the permanent and lasting natures [sic] and also have incapacitated complaintant from attending her regular activities,” based on the court papers reported by Page Six.

She also claimed that they needed to seek treatment for that lengthy-lasting results of the abuse.

Dylan’s accuser is suing him to have an unspecified amount of cash in damages and looking an effort by jury.

The suit came around the eve from the expiration window of recent York’s Child Victims’ Act. The law permitted child victims twelve months to file for civil lawsuits and criminal charges against their users, regardless of how lengthy ago the sexual abuse happened, thus extending the time limit.

The defendant, named within the suit by his birth name, Robert Allen Zimmerman, is really a Grammy and Oscar award-winning songwriter whose pieces frequently was as anthems for that civil legal rights and anti-war movements from the 1960s.

He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by former U.S. The President this year and won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2016, an award recognized through the legendary music performer and poet Patti Cruz.

Dylan’s accuser doesn’t have intentions of openly identifying herself, her lawyer told Page Six. 

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