Lady Pleads Guilty To Torturing Fellow College Professor In Four-Hour Attack

A skill professor has pleaded guilty to attempting to kill a buddy throughout an attack that lasted for four hrs.

Rie Hachiyanagi, 50, and Lauret Savoy were both professors at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts when Hachiyanagi visited the victim’s Leverett home on 12 ,. 23, 2019, based on a release from Northwestern Da David E. Sullivan’s office. Based on Assistant DA Matthew Thomas, Hachiyanagi was distressed over an unrelated recent breakup. After Savoy asked her inside, Hachiyanagi attacked her, utilizing a fire poker, rock, and pruning shears to take part in a “four-hour torture session.”

On Friday, Savoy read a psychological victim impact statement towards the court.

“I’ve battled to locate a word that may hold in the meaning both attack and my experience with it,” stated Savoy, based on the pr release. “The nearest I discovered is that this: ‘severe or excruciating discomfort or suffering (of body or mind) anguish, agony, torment the infliction of these.’ This can be a meaning of torture.”

Throughout the attack, Hachiyanagi allegedly professed her feelings for that geology professor, claiming she’d loved her for a long time, as formerly reported. Savoy told police she pretended to like Hachiyanagi back hoping convincing her to 911. 

When police showed up, Hachiyanagi colored herself because the heroine who known as 911, claiming she stopped by to create her friend poinsettias, based on the police report acquired by Upon arrival, they found the victim with damaged bones and many puncture wounds, though they weren’t considered existence-threatening injuries. Hachiyanagi claimed she found Savoy “barely breathing,” citing a mystery burglar.

“For four hrs, I experienced literal torture of body as well as mind, being unsure of basically would survive the following minute – yet requiring to locate some method for saving my existence,” Savoy ongoing in her own statement in the court. “The emotional, physical, financial, and professional impacts of the crime happen to be huge, plus they continue.”

Savoy told responders that Hachiyanagi “emerged in the darkness” outdoors her home before she asked her in. Once inside, Hachiyanagi started punching her mind before using foreign objects to conquer the lady.

At Friday’s hearing, Hachiyanagi pleaded guilty to 3 counts of armed assault with intent to murder an individual over 60, three counts of assault and battery having a harmful weapon on the person over 60, and something count all of home invasion, mayhem, and entering within the night time with intent to commit a legal.

“Your Recognition, I request accountability and justice, please,” Savoy stated in the court. “I don’t speak or act vindictively, nor will i ever wish to mix that line. Respect of as well as for other people matters a great me.”

Hachiyanagi’s defense attorney, Thomas Kokonowski, claimed his client battled with anger issues but had made efforts to fix them and “has been one prisoner during her incarceration,” based on the DA’s office. He suggested a sentence of 5-to-seven years.

 “It’s hard to fathom why this happened,” Savoy ongoing. “All I understand is the fact that she tricked my trust, invaded my house, and attempted to kill me with premeditated violence. The cruelty she wielded with weapons, and expressed in words, was extreme.”

Judge Francis Flannery scheduled a sentencing hearing for March. 20.

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