Lady Murders Ex-Disadvantage Hoping Overtaking His Drug Business, Prosecutors Say

After serving 3 decades imprisonment, people thought Mike John Passarella had left his criminal ways behind — but old habits fervent. Following his release, he generate a drug ring from his senior living facility and it was later murdered by certainly one of his dealers.   

Mike John Passarella was created in 1945 and increased up in Brooklyn, New You are able to. As a teen he was shipped off and away to accept his uncle in Lawrence County, Tennessee after running afoul from the law.  

“Sam John were built with a charismatic sense to him. He’d the personality that simply attracted people, but Mike John were built with a knack of always seeming to stay in trouble,” cousin Marty Passarella told “Snapped,” airing Sundays at 6/5c on Archiweekend.

In senior high school, Passarella grew to become charge singer inside a band that performed senior high school dances. He gone to live in Nashville to pursue his musical dreams. Fame eluded him but trouble found him once more. 

“He started the process of counterfeiting and exchanging stolen property, selling drugs, and that he portrayed themself to be attached to the mob or Mafia in New You are able to City,” Tennessee Bureau of Analysis Special Agent Wayne Wesson told producers.

In 1980, Passarella and 2 other men kidnapped Monty Hudson and the wife, Elizabeth, after Hudson offered them $6,000 price of fake silver. Monty switched up dead and Passarella was charged with being behind it, based on court papers. 

“They could never really pin the murder on Mike John. They had enough evidence to convict him from the kidnapping of both Monty and Liz and thus Mike was sentenced to twenty many i then believe to half a century plus existence,” Wesson stated.

Passarella was launched in 2013, getting offered almost 3 decades imprisonment. Now in the late 60s, he moved into Lawrenceburg’s Crockett Senior Housing Complex. Though people understood of Passarella’s criminal background, they deemed it had been a factor of history and that he grew to become a beloved fixture from the community. Among his new buddies was Very Gregoire, then in her own early 30s. 

Born in 1980 in Louisiana, Very Gregoire were built with a “pretty rough childhood,” based on sister Misty McMasters. After senior high school, Gregoire labored briefly like a officer however drifted from job to job. By age 20 she’d created three children. Following a string of unsuccessful marriages, she gone to live in Tennessee to be near her sister.  

There, Gregoire met Passarella through her new fiancé, Jonathan Howell. The 2 grew to become fast buddies and she or he nicknamed him “Uncle Tony,” a experience his Brooklyn roots. 

By now, Passarella, 69, was experiencing severe health problems. Following a stint within the hospital, he came back to his the place to find recover, with the aid of Gregoire and her children.

Around the nights May 19, 2015, Gregoire’s 16-year-old boy, Josh Brown, went to evaluate Passarella. He’d guaranteed to go to Gregoire’s daughter’s eighth grade graduation ceremony on that day but never demonstrated up. 

Brown found Passarella’s door unlocked and went inside. In Passarella’s bed room Brown discovered a grisly murder scene.

“I just found my Uncle Tony’s house and that i opened up the doorway and he’s lounging around the bed. He’s dead,” Josh Brown could be heard saying anxiously on tracks from the 911 call acquired by “Snapped.” “There’s bloodstream everywhere!” 

Detectives showed up and discovered Passarella lounging on his bed together with his ft on the floor along with a large pool of bloodstream under his mind. Passarella’s mobile phone was discovered submerged in the toilet bowl along with a large knife didn’t have from his kitchen. A container of bleach have been overlooked on the countertop, showing indications of a cleanup. 

“The victim was noted for transporting considerable amounts of money and prescription medicine and there wasn’t any prescription medicine or money found in the crime scene,” Lawrenceburg Police Captain Brent Hunter told producers.

A clinical examiner later determined Passarella have been struck over 20 times in the mind using what made an appearance to become a clawhammer. There have been multiple fractures to his skull and a part of his right ear was torn off. Two deep lacerations in the neck had punctured his jugular vein, based on the website Lawrenceburg Now.  

Brown had grown close with Passarella and it was troubled as he spoken with investigators. He stated he and the mother had dinner with Passarella the prior night. investigators next spoke to Gregoire who backed up Brown’s story. Her fiancé, Jonathan Howell, confirmed her statements but detectives thought these were both withholding information. 

“I was of the opinion they weren’t really telling us exactly what they understood,” Wesson told “Snapped.”

Days later, Gregoire contacted investigators and accepted she hadn’t revealed the entire story because her fiancé was there. 

“She informs them that they and Mike were built with a partnership. They loved each other,” prosecutor Christi Thompson described to producers.   

Gregoire stated Passarella was kind to her and her children and often gave her money. She also told investigators that since his release from prison, Passarella had begun dealing drugs which her fiancé was certainly one of his clients. 

“Sam since he’d been from the penitentiary had produced a little network of buddies and new acquaintances and really had their own small little enterprise going there where he was buying prescription medications after which reselling them,” Wesson described.

Then, in February. 2016, investigators learned Gregoire was incarcerated in city jail on the parole breach. They planned to interview her again before they might they received a phone call from her former landlord. 

Inside a mound behind her home the owner had found a bag hidden within the dirt. The bag contained bloody clothing, empty prescription bottles bearing Passarella’s name, two blades, along with a hammer, based on Lawrenceburg Now.    

When detectives faced Gregoire using the new evidence against her, she attempted to throw her fiancé under public transit. She claimed Howell was jealous of her relationship with Passarella and murdered him inside a jealous rage. 

Detectives spoke to Howell, who cried having seen Gregoire’s handwritten statement against him.

“Jonathan loved Very. He couldn’t believe she was accusing him of the,” Wesson told “Snapped.” 

Howell stated that Gregoire labored for Passarella selling pills, a relationship which made him uncomfortable. He added that around the nights May 18, he remained home while Gregoire and her kids had dinner with Passarella. Gregoire introduced the children home before heading to Passarella’s place. She didn’t return before the early hrs from the morning. She accepted to Howell she had wiped out Passarella then.  

When Gregoire was spoke of Howell’s statement, her story altered again, claiming she did kill him — however it was self-defense.

Gregoire said Passarella coerced her into selling drugs for him threatened by of violence. When she attempted to quit, around the nights May 18, she stated he attempted to create good on his threat so she beat Passarella having a hammer she found laying alongside his bed, then stabbed him two times within the neck to make certain he was dead.

However, Passarella was not able just to walk without assistance during the time of his dying, making self-defense unlikely. Prosecutors believe Gregoire were built with a different motive for killing Passarella.

“She was attempting to squeeze Mike from his drug business and go over,” Thompson told producers.  

On February. 5, 2016, the Tennessee Bureau of Analysis announced Very Gregoire have been billed with one count of first-degree murder, one count of irritated assault, one count of tampering with evidence, and something count of thievery. 

In April 2017, a jury found Very Gregoire responsible for first-degree murder within the dying of Mike John Passarella, Nashville ABC-affiliate WRKN reported at that time. Gregoire pled guilty to tampering with evidence and it was found not liable on a single count of thievery and legal murder. 

Her conviction transported a computerized sentence of existence imprisonment. Now age forty, she’s presently incarcerated in the Debra K. Manley Rehabilitation Center, a women’s prison in Tennessee.

For additional about this situation yet others enjoy it, watch “Clicked,” airing Sundays at 6/5c on Archiweekend or stream episodes here.

Written by Stephanie Green

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