Lady Charged With Murder Of Girlfriend, Who Died After Allegedly Naming Her As Shooter

A Colorado lady continues to be charged with the December domestic violence-related shooting dying of the lady who stated the 2 were inside a relationship.

Brandi Utley, 38, was arrested on Monday on charges of murder associated with the dying of Celsa Charette, 41, of Manter, Kansas, based on the Baca County Sheriff’s Office. The costs originate from a shooting early in the day hrs of 12 ,. 6. 2021, which happened inside a remote area south from the village of Vilas, Colorado — about 250 miles southeast of Denver close to the Kansas border.

Based on the initial release, government bodies using the sheriff’s office received a 911 call from the local hospital around 1:57 a.m. 12 ,. 6, and personnel described they’d a lady patient — Charette — who’d inexplicably showed up in the er after sustaining a gunshot wound towards the mind.

Deputies were not able to interview Charette until after she automobile up from surgery the following day, where medical personnel stated the victim “made an appearance conscious and stable,” based on an affidavit in the Colorado Judicial Department acquired by

Charette allegedly told investigators that they was designed to have selected Utley up in the residence assertive named Willy Will in nearby Walsh, Colorado to consider her to Charette’s home in Manter — 24 miles away — to obtain tires for Utley’s vehicle. But, Charette stated, she initially went to sleep in her own vehicle when Utley did not arrive.

Will confirmed he saw Charette’s vehicle parked before this house for around forty-five minutes before departing around 1:00 a.m.

“In the conversation with Ms. Charette, it seems that Ms. Charette and Ms. Utley were parked alongside one another on or close to the road both continued to be within their vehicles, plus they were quarrelling,” Baca County Undersheriff C. Griffin authored in the statement. “Ms. Charette mentioned she left and it was approaching an end or yield sign whenever a gunshot experienced the rear window of her vehicle striking her.”

When investigators requested when they were sure Utley was the trigger lady, Charette stated, “Nobody was there.”

Based on the affidavit, the ladies have been inside a two-year relationship which was “intimate anyway.”

A neighbor and acquaintance of both women, Dustin Cooper, told government bodies he was “driving around” as he found Charette’s vehicle inside a ditch together with her within the driver’s seat, based on the affidavit. He stated he’d raced home, told people there that there was a vehicle accident and also the group first required Charette to their house before later shedding her off in the hospital. 

During questioning, Charette claimed that Cooper had nothing related to the shooting. 

Later evidence, including video clip from Will’s wildlife game camera, demonstrated that Utley had left Will’s residence on 12 ,. 5, 2021, at 9:22 p.m. and came back at 2:31 a.m. on 12 ,. 6.

Charette died of her injuries on 12 ,. 8, 2021.

Investigators acquired searching warrant for Will’s property the very next day, where they found a Rutger Small 14 gun inside a trailer house behind the primary residence, later determined having a “high probability” is the murder weapon. 

Utley, Charette had told investigators, frequently remained on Will’s property

Because the search ended on 12 ,. 11, a person started driving towards Will’s front yard before passing the parked patrol cars without stopped. 

“I saw a lady passenger slumped in the passenger seat in a manner that it made an appearance the individual was attempting to hide their identity,” stated Griffin. 

Deputies went after the automobile but dropped it they eventually found Utley by walking. 

“I discovered this interaction to become abnormal when compared with other interactions I have been on my career in police force where individuals experienced losing a family member or spouse,” Griffin ongoing. “Ms. Utley didn’t have the symptoms of any aim of stopping or talking with police force concerning the progress from the situation. Actually, it had been just the opposite.”

Later interviews with Utley revealed the suspect have been angry with Charette around the nights the shooting because she suspected Charette was getting cheating with Utley’s ex-boyfriend, David Phaneuf.

Utley performed voice messages she left for Charette around the nights the shooting for investigators. 

“Yea, the reason for playing me just like a little bitch, bitch?” Utley stated within the message, documented on 12 ,. 5 at 10:32 p.m. — soon after she’d left Will’s house before the shooting. “Seriously, Celsa, you believe I am that f*****g dumb? This really is getting absurd. All I ask is you be f*****g real, man. You cannot be also f*****g real. Oh man. You best become real, bitch. It isn’t f*****g awesome any longer. Have it, have it, have it, bitch.”

Utley left several more messages, together with a final one at 10:37 p.m., requesting that Charette prove she wasn’t with Phaneuf. 

Police interviews with plenty of locals produced different tales of infidelity, drug deals gone bad as well as invoked the “Mexican Mafia.”

Finally, Dustin Cooper — amongst others — accepted that Utley had proven up at his house following the shooting. 

“Based on Mr. Cooper, Ms. Utley informed everybody present that they might have shot Ms. Charette and established that she suspected that Ms. Charette was shot within the neck and requested for help because she did not get sound advice.”

Cooper and the other drove to locate Charette, eventually finding her vehicle inside a ditch. 

Utley initially denied ever owning the gun available on Will’s property, but texts unearthed by government bodies demonstrated Utley discussed getting the gun in her own possession on multiple occasions — including inside a text with Phaneuf, the person she suspected of getting cheating with Charette.

“Between 12 ,. 6, 2021, and April 25, 2022, the Baca County Sheriff’s Office has devoted countless hrs for this situation, in addition to drafting and serving roughly 18 separate search warrants concerning this situation,” the statement read. “Sheriff Shiplett and deputies have processed more than 20,000 pages of records and enormous volumes of video along with other kinds of evidence.”

Court public records filed on Monday reveal that Utley has been held without bond for murder within the first degree and domestic violence. 

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