Lady Billed With Trying To Purchase Another Woman’s Baby In Walmart Self-Checkout Line

A Texas lady is charged with trying to purchase another woman’s baby for thousands and thousands of dollars during line in a Walmart self-checkout.

Rebecca Lanette Taylor, 49, was arrested on Jan. 18 and billed using the offense from the purchase or purchase of a kid regarding the an accidents that allegedly happened 5 days prior, based on a Crockett Police Department probable cause statement acquired by local outlet The Messenger.

On Jan. 13, mom from the child under consideration known as police “advising a white-colored lady with blonde hair contacted her within the Crockett Walmart, attempting to purchase her boy,” based on the probable cause statement.

Mom claimed that Taylor allegedly contacted her as she was waiting to scan products in self-checkout. She claimed that Taylor “began commenting on her behalf son’s blonde hair and blue eyes” before asking “how much she could purchase him for.”

Once the mother chuckled within the question — presuming it had been a tale —Taylor allegedly “told her that they had $250,000 within the vehicle and she or he would pay much for him.”

Mom also claims that both Taylor along with a female companion started calling her boy by his name, without getting learned it.

Mom claims that Taylor adopted her to the parking area where she began to provide more income on her child.

“Once within the parking area, Taylor started screaming […] saying if she wouldn’t take $250,000 for him, then she’d offer her $500,000 because she wanted him and she or he would take him,” the statement states.

Surveillance video from Walmart apparently confirmed the incident, The Messenger reports.

“Taylor stated he was the right fit and she or he have been attempting to purchase a baby for any lengthy time now,” the affidavit stated, based on NBC News.

The Crockett Police Department was not able to supply a copy from the affidavit to before publication. It isn’t obvious when the other lady who had been with Taylor will face any charges.

While Taylor’s bond was set at $50,000, and she or he glued from Houston City Jail on Jan. 20, a spokesperson for that Houston County Sherrif’s Department told on Thursday. She hasn’t yet been indicted and it is unclear if she’s a lawyer.

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