Lady, Afraid That They Had Been Adopted, Stabbed To Dying After Pulling Into Parking Area She Thought Was Police Station

Just moments before 35-year-old Christina Raymond was stabbed to dying, she’d spotted an individual she thought to be her ex-boyfriend following her vehicle, government bodies say.

Frantic, Raymond drove towards the Milpitas Police station, however in a fatal error, the 35-year-old drove towards the wrong parking area and wound up nearby in the Town of Milpitas Department of Public Works, where she was frequently stabbed and wiped out, based on court papers acquired by

Raymond’s ex-boyfriend Anthony Jon Juco has become facing charges of murder and stalking having a specific prior legal conviction after he was arrested carrying out a police chase in Raymond’s vehicle, based on a complaint acquired by

His 60-year-old mother, Simona Marie Atondo, can also be facing charges to be an adjunct to murder afterwards after everybody she met her boy inside a McDonald’s parking area following the slaying and leaped within the passenger seat from the vehicle before he drove off as Raymond’s bloody body lay within the backseat.

The incident started Sunday around 11 a.m. while Raymond have been out delivering food for DoorDash. She was speaking together with her current boyfriend, Lennart Persson, on the telephone when she spotted someone who she thought to be Juco following behind her.

“She’s like, ‘Oh my God, babe. That’s Anthony,” Persson later told KTVU-TV.

Persson—who have been dating Raymond since October—said he advised his girlfriend they are driving towards the police station while he understood Juco, a charged sex offender, have been delivering her threatening emails.

“It only agreed to be getting even worse the last month,” he stated. “He just stored saying some really nasty reasons for as he sees her it’s likely to be an issue, ‘I’m likely to kill your family.’”

Milpitas Police Sgt. Francisco “Kyle” Sanchez authored inside a statement of details that on New Year’s Eve, Raymond had published a TikTok video celebrating her new relationship.

She allegedly started receiving threatening messages from Juco later on that day, including one which stated “187,” an evident mention of condition penal code’s designation for murder. The previous couple had damaged in October, Sanchez stated.

On Sunday, after speaking to Persson, police stated Raymond also known as Juco’s stepmother, who had been with Juco’s father at Costco in San Jose, to are convinced that Juco was following her. She told the lady that they had just pulled in to the parking area of the police station, but Sanchez stated Raymond had really pulled in to the parking area from the public works department.

Even though the two departments share exactly the same building, the general public works department includes a separate parking area. Because they were speaking sooner or later the recording switched to some Facetime live video however the stepmother only saw a dark screen and may hear Raymond screaming something similar to “Stop! Get free from here, leave me alone!” Sanchez authored within the report.

Juco’s stepmother heard more screaming prior to the phone all of a sudden went silent and she or he heard her stepson say “I’m sorry,” government bodies stated.

Juco’s father, Jesse Juco, rapidly attempted to his boy who clarified and allegedly stated “I’m sorry father, it’s done.”

Juco’s father then known as Atondo and police stated Jnco’s stepmother, father and Atondo all drove to some nearby McDonald’s where Juco had allegedly driven with Raymond’s 2007 Toyota Camry.

Sanchez stated Juco’s mom and dad both walked to the vehicle and saw Raymond’s bloody body within the backseat. The Santa Clara County medical examiner would later determine the 35-year-old have been stabbed 12 occasions within the back, 11 occasions towards the upper front torso and three occasions towards the mind, based on the court papers.

Surveillance footage allegedly demonstrated that Juco’s parents continued to be within the parking area for twenty-four minutes, although nobody ever attempted to manage existence-saving efforts to assist Raymond or call 911, government bodies stated.

At some point, Sanchez stated Juco’s father removed the keys in the vehicle and required a bloody knife in the vehicle before returning to their own vehicle to obtain a drink for his boy. Atondo had also joined the McDonald’s to obtain her boy a glass or two.

As the family had collected in the junk food restaurant, Persson was getting more and more concerned as he couldn’t achieve Raymond and known as police to perform a welfare check, supplying all of them with the place of her phone, based on the court public records.

Police stated Atondo retrieved the vehicle keys from Juco’s father and also got in to the passenger seat from the vehicle right before police showed up in the scene.

Officials could place a “reddish-brown substance” around the driver’s side rear door from the vehicle and purchased Juco to prevent, but he required off within the vehicle leading police on the chase. The automobile found an end following a single vehicle crash in Fremont.

Following the crash, Sanchez stated police saw Juco making “erratic movements” toward his body and rushed directly into arrest him. He’d endured self-inflicted stab wounds and injuries in the collision.

Raymond was discovered dead at the back of the vehicle, curled right into a fetal position, police stated.

Officials later found a lot of bloodstream within the public works parking area where they feel Raymond was wiped out and much more bloodstream in Juco’s Honda Social, based on the report.  

Persson described his slain girlfriend to KTVU-TV as someone having a “heart of gold” who had been always considering others. Even though the couple had only been together a short while, he stated they were thinking about buying a home together in 2022 coupled with even spoken about eventually getting children.

“We built a basis and extremely just built one another up and loved on one another,” he stated. “We had lots of plans, you realize. And today it’s all gone.”

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