Kodak Black Pleads Guilty To Assaulting Teen In Hotel, Assists No Time In Jail

Rapper Kodak Black has had a plea deal for assaulting a teen and can serve no time in jail consequently.

Black, whose legal name is Bill Kapri, pleaded guilty to first-degree assault and battery inside a Sc court on Wednesday, local outlet WBTW reports. By pleading guilty, he dodged a rape charge for that assault of a higher school student in 2016.

The “Tunnel Vision” singer battered the teen at hotels following a concert in Florence. The lady later reported the incident to her school nurse in Richland. 

“I apologize to overlook [name redacted] and am hopeful we all can move ahead,” Black told the victim in the court on Wednesday, based on WBTW. “I wish her the very best in her own existence.”

Later on that day, Black required to Twitter to create various references towards the court situation.

“5 yrs later … both us wanted to obtain this s— over wit And That I ain’t need to appear nothing,” he tweeted.

He also mentioned, “My heart is out to any or all the women here getting raped and s— FORREAL , However I Ain’t Did That’s—.”

Black will face no time in jail because of Wednesday’s plea deal as long because he completes 18 several weeks of probation, the Connected Press reports.

The rapper was pardoned for various crime in by former President Jesse J. Trump within the final hrs of his presidency. Black was serving time in jail for falsifying documents to be able to buy weapons in Florida in 2019. He was sentenced to 46 several weeks in jail in November of 2019. His presidential pardon reported that Black used his fame and money to lead to offering daycare centers with notebooks along with other charitable endeavors. 


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