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Kentucky Man Billed With Murder After Allegedly Telling Family About Body In The Truck

A Kentucky man faces multiple charges after he allegedly told his family he had wiped out a lady and transported your body in the truck.

Danny Rumfelt, 29, is billed with murder — domestic violence, abuse of the corpse and tampering with physical evidence after Meade County Sheriff’s officials were known as to his home in Vine Grove, Kentucky by family people on Wednesday mid-day, based on Fox affiliate WDRB in Louisville. (Kentucky doesn’t have many domestic violence-specific statutes but recognizes it as being an enhancement to existing violent crimes when inflicted on the spouse, former spouse, a co-parent or person that the suspect does or accustomed to cohabitate, among others.)

Rumfelt had allegedly told his parents and brother he wiped out a lady, and that “it’s obsessed with carpet and it has tape around it.” He added he believed your body is at his truck, that was parked outdoors, based on government bodies.

When police force showed up, Rumfelt exited his house and surrendered to officials, based on charging documents reviewed by This News-Enterprise.

WDRB reported that court papers they reviewed stated the sheriff’s department acquired a warrant to look Rumfelt’s eco-friendly pickup, a 1997 GMC Sierra, that was parked outdoors his home. Around the passenger side, they saw something covered with a sleeping bag and guaranteed in duct tape. 

They removed the sleeping bag and it is contents, placed it on the sheet of plexiglass and known as the coroner. As he showed up also it was opened up, there is your body of the lady inside, with duct tape  covering her eyes and round her mouth, government bodies stated.

Rumfelt was arrested and the bond was set at $50,000 cash. He continued to be in the Meade County Detention Center during the time of publication and it was scheduled for arraignment around the morning of Sept. 29.

During the time of his arrest, Rumfelt had bloodstream on his shirt and ears, including a lot around the left lower sleeve of his shirt, this was folded as much as apparently accommodate a duct-tape guaranteed bandage on his left forearm, this news-Enterprise reported. Police stated in charging documents the duct tape accustomed to secure the bandage made an appearance to complement that located on the lady.

The wound on Rumfelt’s arm apparently needed four stitches.

Mother and father not released the specific lady whose body is discovered in Rumfelt’s truck, but WDRB reported that the autopsy have been scheduled for Thursday morning in Louisville.

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