Judge Will Not Dismiss Murder Situation Against Craig Morphew

The imminent murder trial of Craig Morphew is moving ahead following a judge rejected the Colorado man’s request the situation to become ignored.

Morphew stands charged with murdering his wife Suzanne Morphew, 49, who disappeared on Mother’s Day’s 2020 after apparently taking a bicycle ride. Neither she nor her body have have you been found he was arrested this past year regarding the her presumed murder.

District Court Judge Ramsey Lama has denied the defense’s request from a week ago to dismiss the murder situation, Fox 59 in Indiana reports. Craig Morphew’s attorneys had contended that there wasn’t any evidence that Suzanne Morphew — who, together with her husband, had gone to live in Clorado from Alexandria, Indiana — was murdered.

“It continues to be well-established and confessed through the prosecution that there’s no one, no confession, no eyewitness testimony or physical evidence that Ms. Morphew is dead, was murdered or that Mr. Morphew is accountable,” the attorneys authored, KXRM reports.

Within the defense’s motion to dismiss the very first-degree murder and related charges against him, additionally they incorporated an allegation with a lead investigator within the situation who claimed that the arrest of Morphew was premature.

Defense attorneys also contended they hadn’t received all of the prosecution’s discovery materials. 

Lama acknowledged the prosecution didn’t adequately share materials using the defense and they have proven a “continuing pattern” of neglecting to start discovery materials in front of the approaching trial.

The judge also noted that DNA that wasn’t a match to Craig Morphew was discovered on a number of Suzanne Morphew’s retrieved possessions, including her bike helmet, bike seat and areas of her vehicle, Fox 59 reports. That DNA would be a partial match to unsolved sexual assault investigations both in Illinois and Arizona. These details wasn’t presented to a legal court on time, Lama mentioned.

Still, Morphew’s trial is anticipated to start on April 28 and go on for about five days.

Craig Morphew had formerly recommended, among other scenarios, that Suzanne Morphew might have been attacked by wildlife during her ride a bike. 

“I is going to do whatever needs doing to help you get back. Honey, I really like we would like you back so bad,” Craig Morphew pleaded inside a 2020 Facebook video, published just days after his wife disappeared. That video appeared to infer he believed someone might be holding her captive he alluded to the ransom, saying he’d pay almost anything to free her.

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