Judge Vacates Sentence For Baltimore Man Who Spent 3 decades Imprisonment For 1990 Murder

The court has vacated the sentence assertive who spent greater than 3 decades imprisonment after he was charged of murder.

Paul Madison, 60, was charged for that December 1990 murder of William Richardson, based on a pr release in the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office. Madison’s release after 30 years imprisonment would be the first overturned conviction since Maryland passed legislation in 2019 that gave prosecutors the ability to request a sentence be vacated.

Madison’s conviction focused on the uncorroborated testimony of the jailhouse informant. In 2020, State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby helped push for Maryland’s Jailhouse Informant Law, legislation targeted at stopping wrongful convictions involving hard to rely on informants who’re in jail.

Officials stated the informant in Madison’s situation was offered an offer: his testimony in return for the condition shedding hand gun and narcotic charges. 

“This conviction rested on outdated and questionable practices that known as into question the integrity from the conviction, and that’s why, within the interests of fairness and justice, my Conviction Integrity Unit gone to live in vacate the conviction,” mentioned Mosby. “I wish to apologize to Mr. Madison and the family with respect to a problematic criminal justice system that unsuccessful him by wrongly taking 3 decades of his existence.”

Todd Kimmelman, deputy director from the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project, described Madison’s response to within an email.

“Mr. Madison is grateful to become home the very first time in additional than 3 decades,” stated Kimmelman. “It’s been a difficult ordeal, but he never lost his belief he could be exonerated.”

Madison, together with co-defendant Clarence Colston, was charged with shooting and killing Richardson, 35, within the Cherry Hill neighborhood of Baltimore, based on The Baltimore Sun. Richardson died of merely one gunshot wound towards the mind and it was found dead outdoors his vehicle.

The jailhouse informant claimed they saw both Madison and Colston in the scene.

Madison was billed with second-degree murder and hand gun charges. He was sentenced to 30-50 years imprisonment. 

Based on the Sun, investigators later identified some advice the informant may have been associated with Richardson’s dying. 

Lauren Lipscomb, deputy state’s attorney for criminal intelligence, commented around the informant’s testimony.

“This wouldn’t pull through our present-day scrutiny,” she mentioned within the pr release, citing a “lack associated with a other evidence” within the situation.

Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Melissa M. Phinn also required into account the data supplied by an unknown individual who was incarcerated with Colston, based on the Sun. The informant claimed Colston described the murder but stated Madison wasn’t involved.

Colston has since died.

Based on the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project, prosecutors unsuccessful to inform Madison’s defense of potential suspects within the situation.

Tuesday’s ruling marks the twelfth release through the State’s Attorney’s Conviction Integrity Unit, based on the pr release. In September, work launched the “Faces of Innocence” campaign, an initiative aimed to tell the general public of tales of wrongfully charged people.

Todd Kimmelman told that Paul Madison “hopes the criminal legislation will gain knowledge from the many failures that arrived him imprisonment unjustly.”

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