Judge Upholds Ghislaine Maxwell’s Conviction Despite Juror’s Failure To Report Sexual Assault

A U.S. judge declined to get rid of Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking conviction Friday, despite a juror’s failure to reveal prior to the trial started that he’d been a target of childhood sexual abuse.

Maxwell, an english socialite, was charged in December of enhancing the uniform Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse several teenage women.

U.S. Judge Alison J. Nathan declined to buy a brand new trial days after questioning the juror under oath inside a New You are able to courtroom about why he unsuccessful to reveal his personal history being an abuse survivor on the questionnaire throughout the jury buying process.

The juror had stated he “skimmed far too fast” with the questionnaire and didn’t intentionally provide the wrong response to an issue about sex abuse.

“I did not lie to get about this jury,” he stated.

In her own opinion, Nathan stated the juror’s failure to reveal his prior sexual abuse throughout the jury buying process was highly unfortunate, although not deliberate.

The judge also concluded the juror “harbored no bias toward the defendant and could help as a good and impartial juror.”

Had the juror clarified the questions properly, Maxwell’s lawyers had stated they potentially might have objected towards the man’s presence around the jury for the reason he may not be fair to someone charged with an identical crime.

The U.S. attorney’s office declined comment Friday. Messages wound up with Maxwell’s attorneys.

Maxwell, 60, was charged of sex trafficking along with other charges following a monthlong trial that featured testimony from four ladies who stated she performed a job in setting them up for abuse by Epstein.

Epstein wiped out themself in August 2019 because he anticipated trial in a federal jail in New You are able to on related sex trafficking charges.Maxwell states she’s innocent.

Following the trial’s conclusion, the juror, identified in the court papers only as Juror No. 50, gave interviews with several media outlets describing deliberations, and disclosing that he’d been mistreated growing up. He stated he convinced some fellow jurors that the victim’s imperfect memory of abuse does not mean it did not happen.

Potential jurors within the situation have been were needed to complete a 50-page questionnaire together with a question that requested: “Have you ever or perhaps a family member or friend have you been the victim of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, or sexual assault?”

The juror checked “No.”

The juror stated within the interviews he did not remember being requested that question, that was No. 48 around the form.

Defense lawyers for Maxwell requested the judge to instantly order a brand new trial, but she stated she couldn’t achieve this without questioning the juror.

After Nathan asked the juror at the begining of March, lawyers on sides posted written arguments. Prosecutors stated the juror made an “honest mistake” which was “very obvious” that Maxwell received a good trial.

Maxwell’s lawyers could not agree.

“Excusing Juror 50’s false solutions while he believes his hidden good reputation for sexual abuse didn’t affect his capability to function as a fair and impartial juror doesn’t satisfy the look of justice,” they contended. “Merely a new trial would.”

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