Judge Upholds Ghislaine Maxwell Conviction But Eliminates Two Counts

The court concluded Friday there was enough evidence to convict British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell of sex trafficking girls for financier Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse, but she also gave Maxwell a legitimate victory by concluding that three conspiracy counts billed exactly the same crime and she or he are only able to be sentenced for just one.

U.S. District Judge Alison J. Nathan stated in her own written ruling the jury’s guilty verdicts were “readily supported” by extensive witness testimony and documentary evidence in a one-month trial that concluded in December.

Lawyers for Maxwell had requested her to reject the decision on multiple grounds, including inadequate evidence.

Maxwell, 60, was charged of recruiting teenage women for financier Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse from 1994 to 2004.

Nathan stated that she’ll only sentence Maxwell at the end of June on three from the five counts she was charged on after concluding that two conspiracy counts were duplicates from the third.

“This legal conclusion by no means calls into question the factual findings produced by the jury. Rather, it underscores the jury unanimously found — three occasions over — the Defendant is responsible for conspiring with Epstein to lure, transport, and traffic underage women for sexual abuse,” Nathan authored.

The decrease in counts from five to 3 wasn’t envisioned having much impact on the sentencing, when Maxwell could face a sentence varying from the 3 many years to decades imprisonment.

Lawyers for Maxwell didn’t return messages requesting comment. Prosecutors declined comment.

Earlier this year, the judge declined to toss out Maxwell’s conviction after a juror disclosed with other jurors during jury deliberations he have been sexually mistreated growing up despite the fact that he’d not says fact as a result of questions regarding prior sex abuse posed inside a written questionnaire.

The juror had stated he “skimmed far too fast” with the questionnaire and didn’t intentionally provide the wrong response to an issue about sex abuse.

In refusing to chuck the ball verdict, Nathan stated the juror’s failure to reveal his prior sexual abuse throughout the jury buying process was highly unfortunate, although not deliberate.

The judge also concluded the juror “harbored no bias toward the defendant and could help as a good and impartial juror.”

Maxwell, arrested in This summer 2020, has continued to be incarcerated. Epstein was 66 as he required their own existence inside a federal jail cell in August 2019 because he anticipated a sex trafficking trial.

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