Judge to Robert Durst Jurors After 14-Month Delay: ‘Where Did We Leave Off?’

The murder trial of multimillionaire Robert Durst started again Monday with no defendant present with arguments about if the situation should continue following a rare 14-month recess.

Judge Mark Windham asked jurors in La County Superior Court to find out if they are able to complete their assignment which was interrupted in March 2020 throughout the pandemic. If that’s the case, maybe it’s a first for that U.S. legislation.

“So, where did we leave off?” Windham stated as jurors chuckled.

The size of the stoppage is unparalleled and it is the greatest-profile U.S. situation postponed due to the pandemic, Durst’s lawyers say. They’ve frequently — and unsuccessfully — searched for a mistrial simply because they contended the delay injured his possibility of a good trial.

Durst, 78, an heir to a different You are able to real estate empire, has pleaded not liable within the killing of his closest friend, Susan Berman, at her La home in 2000.

Windham, putting on a black mask, contacted the 22 jurors — one less than ever before the recess — and addressed the numerous losses from the pandemic.

“You’ve likely had losses or much like me know somebody that has lost family members,” he stated.

He requested jurors to create within their notepads when they saw tales concerning the situation or discussed it with anybody throughout the break and when they’d any health issues or hardships that will prevent them from serving another four or five several weeks.

Nine people from the panel, including 10 alternates, handed notes to the court workers and Windham started questioning them individually.

Prior to the jurors came back to the court, Windham denied a defense request to suspend the situation further because Durst has bladder cancer and myriad other health issues that need hospitalization.

“The question isn’t whether he is able to endure the pains from the trial,” attorney Dick DeGuerin stated. “It’s whether he is able to survive whatsoever.”

Deputy Da John Lewin scoffed at claims Durst must be released to some hospital for treatment, saying he was getting high-quality care in the jail.

“It’s a get free from jail free card,” Lewin stated. “The goal here’s only to have this trial disappear.”

Durst wasn’t in the court while he declined to depart his La City jail cell, Windham stated, though DeGuerin disputed that account.

DeGuerin stated measures come to avoid the spread from the coronavirus would harm Durst’s defense by continuing to keep his lawyers scattered through the courtroom and not able to confer. Windham stated the measures were needed to help keep everybody safe, though he and all sorts of lawyers happen to be vaccinated.

Windham moved the situation to some bigger courtroom in Inglewood to support the distancing required to resume.

Charge lawyers were sitting down alone right in front from the courtroom as well as their co-counsel were spread all through jury boxes on sides from the courtroom. Plexiglas panels were placed between your lawyers along with a court stenographer.

Jurors were handed zip-lock bags with note pads, a mask and tissues because they joined the courtroom and required seats within the gallery.

Prosecutors say Durst silenced Berman before she could tell police she helped him hide the killing of his wife, Kathie, in New You are able to in 1982.

Durst, who’s more vital than an believed $100 million, has been held without bail. He’s only billed with Berman’s killing but prosecutors are utilizing his wife’s disappearance along with a neighbor’s slaying in Texas to construct their situation against him.

He was found innocent within the Texas situation after he testified he shot the person in self-defense. He has not been billed in the wife’s suspected killing and it has denied any role in her own disappearance.

Prosecutors in Westchester County, New You are able to, stated Monday that they are reviewing the killing of Kathie Durst among several unsolved homicides.

During opening statements in La, defense lawyer Dick DeGuerin, who defended Durst in Texas, stated Durst didn’t kill Berman and doesn’t know who did. But he stated his client had found her body, panicked and screwed.

Durst sent police a cryptic note alerting these to a “cadaver” in the home simply to ensure she’d be located, DeGuerin stated. Durst had lengthy denied penning the note.

Durst was arrested in New Orleans in 2015 around the eve from the final episode of “The Jinx: The Existence and Deaths of Robert Durst,” an Cinemax documentary by which he was faced using the cadaver note along with a letter he once sent Berman with similar block print handwriting and also the town of Beverly Hillsides similarly incorrectly spelled “Beverley.”

Prior to being proven the letter he’d written to Berman, Durst told the filmmakers that just the killer might have written the cadaver note.

Following the “gotcha” moment on camera, he was caught on the hot mic telling themself inside a bathroom, “You’re caught! What the heck did I actually do? Wiped out all of them, obviously.”

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