Judge Rejects Ghislaine Maxwell’s ‘Unprecedented’ Request to possess Anonymous WItnesses

A federal judge has rejected British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell’s unusual request to possess her witnesses testify within cloak of protection.

Maxwell’s defense attorneys help with the concept to U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan a week ago, requesting three of Maxwell’s witnesses so that you can testify using pseudonyms or under another type of anonymity — protections much like individuals granted to sexual abuse accusers, three who testified for that prosecution against Maxwell, but Nathan denied the motion. 

“The Defense’s primary contention is the fact that some type of anonymity because of its witnesses is justified through the same reasons the Court allowed three alleged victims and 2 related government witnesses to testify under pseudonyms,” Nathan authored inside a Thursday ruling, acquired by Law &amp Crime. “The Court doesn’t agree with this particular fundamental premise and denies the Defense’s motion.”

Nathan described the request as “unprecedented” and mentioned that “there isn’t any similar concern, because there are for alleged victims of sexual abuse, that denying using pseudonyms will deter reports of misconduct.”

Maxwell lawyer Bobbi C. Sternheim had contended their witnesses might not testify otherwise shielded in this manner.

“The court’s ruling about this issue may change up the readiness of those witnesses to testify, therefore compromising Ms. Maxwell’s to present her defense,” Sternheim authored inside a letter towards the judge on Sunday, based on the New You are able to Occasions. 

From the 35 people around the defense’s witness list, which Maxwell’s defense noted a week ago in the court they plan to cut lower, it isn’t obvious the particular three need protection.

The defense started their situation on Thursday morning inside a New You are able to federal courtroom, starting with Maxwell’s former worker Cimberly Espinosa because the first witness, the New You are able to Occasions reports. 

“I highly respected Ghislaine,” Espinosa, who labored as Maxwell’s executive assistant from 1996 to 2002 testified Thursday, based on the New You are able to Publish. “I researched to her greatly.”

These years fit inside the timeline of a few of the worst allegations against Maxwell, 59, who’s charged with recruiting and grooming teen women included in Jeffrey Epstein’s pyramid of sexual abuse. She faces six federal counts, including transporting minors to take part in criminal intercourse and sex trafficking of kids or by pressure, fraud or coercion. Epstein, who had been found hung in the jail cell in August 2019 at 66, only one month after he was arrested on federal sex trafficking charges, known Maxwell as his “closest friend” inside a 2003 Vanity Fair profile.

Maxwell has pleaded not liable towards the charges against her and it has adamantly denied any wrongdoing.

For additional around the situation, watch Peacock’s “Epstein’s Shadow: Ghislaine Maxwell.”

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