Judge In Ghislaine Maxwell Cases Pushes Jury To Operate Overtime

The jury weighing the fate Ghislaine Maxwell’s fate stated Tuesday these were “making progress” in the finish from the 4th full day’s deliberations in the carefully viewed sex trafficking trial in which a judge expressed concern New You are able to City’s coronavirus surge could derail proceedings.

Judge Alison J. Nathan granted jurors’ request to depart at 5 p.m. — an hour or so sooner than planned — but said excitedly these were likely to work toward a verdict all of those other week, as needed. Earlier Tuesday, Nathan told lawyers from the existence of the jury the “astronomical spike” in the amount of coronavirus cases necessitated jurors working longer hrs.

“We currently face a higher and escalating risk that jurors and trial participants might need to quarantine,” Nathan stated. “We’re simply inside a different place concerning the pandemic than i was the other day.”

In her own explanation towards the lawyers, Nathan voiced what had largely gone unmentioned in her own previous demands to obtain the jury to operate overtime: the worry that sickened jurors could pressure a mistrial. 

Throughout the first week of deliberations, the jury stopped at 5 p.m., but Nathan told jurors late Monday that they must be ready to stay until a minimum of 6 p.m. continuing to move forward. Despite the fact that, the judge decided to release them early once they assured her, inside a note: “Our deliberations are moving along and we’re making progress.”

The judge had told lawyers she was thinking about informing jurors she’d require deliberations every single day — such as the New Year’s weekend, if required — until they achieve a verdict. But after defense lawyers pressed back, she chose Tuesday not to tell jurors that weekend deliberations were possible.

Fueled through the omicron variant, coronavirus cases within the city have rocketed from typically about 3,400 each day within the week that ended 12 ,. 12 to 22,000 within the week that ended Sunday. 

Laura Menninger, a defense lawyer, told Nathan on Monday that any suggestion the jury stay later “is starting to seem like advocating these to be quick.”

“We’d resist attempting to urge these to stay later if they’re not asking to do this and are not expressing any issue in proceeding using the deliberations that they’re presently undertaking,” Menninger stated.

Menninger noted the jury was ongoing to request transcripts of trial testimony along with other materials that indicate they’re working diligently to determine six charges alleging Maxwell performed a vital role  in Epstein’s sexual abuse of teenage women between 1994 and 2004.

Defense lawyers have stated Maxwell, 60, has been utilized as a scapegoat by prosecutors following the U.S. government was embarrassed by Epstein’s suicide in a federal jail in Manhattan in August 2019 as they anticipated a sex trafficking trial.

Maxwell was arrested in This summer 2020 and it has continued to be in prison after Nathan frequently rejected bail attempts, together with a $28.5 million package with 24-hour armed pads to make sure she didn’t flee. 

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