Josh Duggar Sentenced To In Excess Of 12 Years Imprisonment On Child Pornography Charges

Disgraced reality TV star Josh Duggar continues to be sentenced to greater than 12 years in jail for receiving child pornography.

The previous “19 Kids and Counting” star was sentenced for everyone 151 several weeks — approximately 12-and-a-half years — in federal prison, based on NBC Northwest Arkansas affiliate KWNA. Wednesday’s ruling uses a very-publicized December trial where Duggar, 34, was found guilty of receiving and possessing child pornography in 2019.

Included in the agreement between prosecutors and Duggar’s defense, a legal court vacated certainly one of Duggar’s convictions for having child pornography without prejudice, and therefore government bodies could refile charges at another time, based on People. The judge known as the count the lesser of Duggar’s two convictions.

A part of Duggar’s sentencing also requires he pay $50,100 in fines and special assessments.

Western Da Clay Fowlkes addressed the press soon after Judge Timothy L. Brooks made his decision, per KWNA.

“It shows that nobody individual is over the law, regardless of their wealth, their social status, or other things,” Fowlkes told reporters. “We continuously investigate these cases, regardless of who the defendant happens to be, and we’ll continue using every tool open to us to make certain that justice is offered in these instances.”

Prosecutors formerly searched for the maximum sentence of twenty years in jail, citing Duggar’s “deep-sitting down, pervasive and violent libido in youngsters.” Others, including Duggar’s mother, reality TV matriarch Michelle Duggar, pleaded for leniency.

Duggar’s family — including his parents, his brothers and sisters and the wife, Anna Duggar, who’ve openly supported him throughout his legal woes — were also in the Fayetteville courthouse on Wednesday.

Duggar apparently switched and smiled at Anna, that he shares seven children, following the judge’s decision to vacate the conviction for possession, based on People. However, Duggar continued to be stoic once the 12-and-a-half year sentence was presented with lower.

The defendant declined to deal with a legal court.

Duggar was arrested in 2021 after an analysis by Homeland Security unearthed pictures of sexual abuse against children on his work computer. Homeland Security Special Agent Gerald Faulkner formerly known a few of the images to be “in the very best five from the worst from the worst that I’ve ever endured to look at.”

The pictures apparently incorporated a set entitled “Daisy’s Destruction,” which portrayed the sexual abuse of the 18-month-old toddler.

“This situation, this trial, this sentence, is perfect for the sufferers of kid abuse,” stated D.A. Fowlkes. “This situation implies that these youngsters are susceptible to a few of the worst types of abuses imaginable. The kids portrayed within the photos and also the videos which were introduced within this situation were exposed to that particular horrible treatment.”

“This situation implies that individuals children’s discomfort is real [and] their suffering is real,” he added.

Upon his prison release, Duggar is going to be exposed to twenty many years of supervised parole, based on People. He may also be restricted from pornography of any sort and needed to go to treatment targeted at rehabilitating sex offenders.

He can also get restricted to use of electronics without prior permission from his parole officer. Individuals devices should also be installed with internet-monitoring software.

A part of Duggar’s release may also include unannounced searches and possible polygraph testing, should his parole officer think fit.

Duggar’s legal team objected, quarrelling from the ban on adult pornography and possible polygraph testing, however the judge overruled the objection.

Duggar’s defense attorney, Justin Gelfand, stated he intends to file a notice of appeal inside the 14-day window allowed legally.

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