Johnny Depp Re-Takes The Stand For Rebuttal Testimony In Final Days Of Trial With Amber Heard

The Actor-brad Pitt known as his ex-wife’s accusations of sexual and physical abuse “insane” Wednesday because he came back towards the witness stand it his libel suit against Amber Heard.

“Ridiculous, humiliating, ridiculous, painful, savage, unbelievably brutal, cruel, and all sorts of false,” Depp stated when requested about his response to hearing Heard’s allegations when she testified earlier within the trial.

Depp was testifying Wednesday like a rebuttal witness — both he and Heard each testified extensively earlier within the trial.

He gave some specific responses to a few of the particular allegations levied by Heard as well as her sister, Whitney Henriquez, who provided a number of Heard’s most powerful corroborating testimony.

He concluded his testimony having a final denial from the allegations.

“I haven’t within my existence committed sexual battery, physical abuse, each one of these outlandish, crazy tales of me committing this stuff,” he stated. “And coping with it for six years, and waiting so that you can bring the reality out.”

He stated that “no appear happens Used to do arrive here and that i did be truthful and that i have spoken up for which I have been transporting on my small back, unwillingly, for six years.”

Depp is going to be mix-examined Wednesday mid-day.

Depp is suing Heard in Fairfax County Circuit Court more than a December 2018 op-erectile dysfunction she authored within the Washington Publish describing herself as “a public figure representing domestic abuse.” His lawyers say he was defamed through the article though it never pointed out his name.

Depp has denied he ever struck Heard and states she was the abuser within the relationship. Heard has testified about greater than a dozen separate cases of physical abuse she states she endured at Depp’s hands.

Depp also disputed claims produced by Heard that Depp had nothing related to getting her a job within the super hero blockbuster “Aquaman.” When Heard testified, she was clearly offended by an issue from Depp’s lawyers insinuating Depp got her the function.

Depp, though, stated that whenever Heard auditioned for that role, he spoken towards the studio on her behalf account. He was barred from discussing the facts of his conversations when Heard’s lawyers objected, but stated that “ultimately she ended up getting the task, so hopefully, I guess, I’d curbed their worries to some extent.”

Also Wednesday, supermodel Kate Moss, an old girlfriend of Depp, denied that they had have you been pressed or assaulted by Depp throughout their relationship.

Moss also testified like a rebuttal witness. Heard, in her own testimony, designed a mention of the Moss along with a rumor that Depp had pressed Moss lower some stairs once they dated.

Moss, in testimony supplied by video link, stated Depp never assaulted her. She stated she did once slip lower a flight ticket of stairs following a rainstorm in a Jamaican resort, which Depp found her aid.

She testified for under a few minutes and it was not mix-examined.

Depp also addressed the accusation in the testimony, saying it happened just like Moss stated. He stated he’d told the storyline about Moss to Heard years back and “Ms. Heard required the storyline and switched it right into a very ugly incident, all in her own mind.”

Each side are anticipated to provide their final witnesses Thursday, with closing arguments expected Friday.

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