‘Jekyll And Hyde’-Like Pastor Shot His Fiancée Within The Mind And Claimed It Had Been Suicide

The 911 call went in Macon, Georgia on June 12, 2015.

“She shot herself within the mind,” William Pounds, a pastor, told the dispatcher. “I require an ambulance, please. I want somebody here. Damn it, Kendra, why for you to do this in my experience?”

He was talking about his longtime fiancée, Kendra Jackson, a 46-year-old divorced mother who labored in a bank and it was known in her own community for being outgoing and loving. She was the right balance of “classy and sassy,” a family member told “Accident, Suicide or Murder,” airing Saturdays at 7/6c on Archiweekend.

But based on Pounds, Jackson had wiped out herself having a gun at his home early in the day hrs. Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Shelley Rutherford, charge detective around the situation, described the shooting scene as “extremely untidy. There is lots of bloodstream.” 

Pounds, who might be heard around the 911 call making sounds that appeared as though he was performing CPR, told Rutherford he and Jackson had been discussing ending their relationship. That’s when, he claimed, she shot herself within the mind.

Investigators working the case were immediately struck because when Pounds’ form of the occasions didn’t accumulate. Pounds had stated he is at bed prior to the shot was fired, however the bed was nearly made when government bodies showed up. It gave the sense the scene have been staged. 

Additionally, it switched out that two shots have been fired: There is a bullet hole within the bed mattress.

However, Rutherford told producers that many people who kill themselves fire an exercise round before turning the gun on themselves.

But police were stumped because no bullets or casings might be based in the room. When asked, Pounds frequently stated he didn’t remove everything from the area or affect the scene by any means. Where were the ammunition shells?

Investigators also noted that although Pounds stated he attempted to resuscitate Jackson, he’d no bloodstream on him aside from a small trace from it on his pants. Which was sporadic using the way bloodstream could be transferred in this scenario. His declare that Jackson shot herself together with her left hands also didn’t complement with physical evidence available at the scene. 

Pounds’ contradictory accounting from the fatal incident intensified suspicion that Jackson’s dying didn’t happen the way in which he stated it did. Jackson’s dying was marked like a “suicide/suspicious dying,” though, as investigators didn’t have proof that her dying hadn’t been self-inflicted. 

Rutherford dug much deeper into Pounds’ background learned he’d distanced themself from Jackson’s children. She also found he had the characteristics of the “Jekyll and Hyde”: He was well-loved and highly considered by his parishioners, but he seemed to be an expert manipulator from the women in the existence. He really had two fiancées, and it was set to marry one of these within 24 hours that Jackson died. 

On June 18, Rutherford and Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Roy Johnson, a criminal offense scene investigator, came back towards the shooting scene. They frequently took in towards the 911 call and observed that Pounds initially stated that Jackson was trying to accept gun before rapidly reversing themself and telling the dispatcher he attempted to accept gun from her.

Within the distress call additionally they heard a rest room flushing. When they couldn’t confirm it, investigators thought that that might have been the seem of Pounds eliminating evidence, such as the missing bullet casings. 

Investigators ongoing to focus on Pounds’ suspiciously fluid form of the deadly occasions and forensic evidence sporadic having a suicide. The palm of Jackson’s left hands, the main one by which Pounds stated she held the gun, was engrossed in bloodstream. Dried bloodstream on the ground as well as on Jackson made Pounds’ timeline of occasions questionable. 

Investigators grew to become convinced these were working in a homicide, not really a suicide, and by August 21, government bodies had induce to arrest Pounds.

His congregation rallied around him for support, though. They helped enhance the $500,000 bond for his release. However, quickly, Pounds cavalierly violated conditions of his release and the bond was revoked. For admiring people of his flock, his reckless behavior was eye-opening and demonstrated a side to him they hadn’t acknowledged, one told producers.

Pounds’ trial started in October 2017. Prosecutors were concerned the pastor’s pious image would over-shadow evidence. However in the finish, Pounds, 49, who testified by himself account, was discovered guilty.

The trial judge lit into Pounds, telling him, “You are an outright charlatan.” Charged of legal murder, Pounds is serving a existence sentence without the potential of parole. 

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