‘It’s Only A Tragedy Beyond Description’: 2 Siblings Shoot And Kill 4 Family People Before You Take Their Very Own Lives, Everybody

Two siblings shot and wiped out four family people in Texas before you take their very own resides in a twisted plot to finish their very own suffering.

Farhan Towid, 19, and the older brother Tanvir Towhid, 21, systematically shot their mother, father, sister and grandmother within the family’s Allen home over the past weekend before turning the gun on themselves.

“It’s only a tragedy beyond description,” Sgt. Jon Felty, from the Allen Police Department, told

Allen Police uncovered the carnage after getting a call around 1 a.m. Monday from the friend from the family who had been concerned that among the sons was suicidal after locating a disturbing letter on Instagram from Farhan claiming to possess wiped out his family.

“We visited the place to perform a welfare check up on that each and thru the analysis the officials on scene rapidly recognized there were six deceased individuals within the residence,” Felty stated.

Combined with the physiques of these two siblings, police identified another victims as Towhidul Isam, 54 Iren Islam, 56 Farbin Towhid, 19 and Altafun Nessa, 77. Farbin and Farhan were twins.

Farhan detailed his motivations behind the slaying inside a extended suicide note on Instagram.

“Hey everybody. I wiped out myself and my loved ones,” he started the note, based on local station KTVT, before delving into what he referred to as a lengthy have a problem with depression, which involved cutting themself.

Farhan authored the concept to get rid of the family initially originated from his older brother, who he stated also were built with a extended past with depression.

“The plan was simple. We obtain two guns. I take one and shoot my sister and granny, while my buddy kills our parents using the other. Only then do we take ourselves out,” he authored.

The siblings stated they made the decision to kill their other family members so they wouldn’t need to accept the grief they’d likely experience after their deaths.

“If I wiped out just myself, they’d be miserable,” he authored. “I love my loved ones. I genuinely do. And that’s precisely why I made the decision to kill them.”

Felty stated the letter compiled by Farhan focused on four fundamental points. The very first was that Farhan have been cutting themself because the 9th grade and battled with debilitating depression.

“Apparently, lately he’d been cutting with increasingly more frequency,” Felty stated.

In the second point, Farhan stated he’d attempted to find strategy to depression by visiting therapy and taking medication, but it was not good at preventing his mental health issues.

He stated he determined the “only reason behind existence is happiness” and since it’d eluded him, he didn’t believe there is grounds to carry on living, the note stated, based on KDFW.

Felty stated the siblings initially agreed they would commit suicide, created a plan after which made the decision to hold back annually to find out if they might fix their situation, but later made the decision to simply wait per month before transporting the grisly plan.

“He had some occurrences recently that didn’t work well for him,” Felty stated, adding the note detailed his short-resided attempt for college along with other disappointments.

Farhan also expressed frustration with the ending from the hit tv series “The Office.”

“He was very disappointed with how that series ended,” Felty stated. “It didn’t finish the way in which he wanted it to finish and that he gave a few suggestions of methods it might are gone for good better.”

Finally, in the 4th point, Farhan spoken about how exactly easy it absolutely was for his brother to acquire a weapon to handle the murders despite standing on medication themself.

“I guess his brother, based on the writing, was on some form of medication too and that he felt enjoy it was too simple for him to acquire a gun in line with the proven fact that he was taking some form of medication for depression,” Felty stated.

Felty stated he believed Farhan left the note behind while he “wanted to become heard.”

Faiza Rahman, a detailed friend of Farhan, stated she’s still battling to simply accept her friend’s alleged actions.

“I haven’t mended the 2 form of him within my mind yet. You realize the one that I understood and it was so near to and would speak with for like hrs upon finish about anything, and such as the one that did this,” she told KDFW. “Like it was said to be themself showing just how much he loved them, and Yes, it doesn’t seem sensible to all of us.”

Police stated they’re ongoing to research the murder-suicide.

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