‘It Was Difficult’: Anthony Todt’s Father, Who Attempted To Possess His Wife Wiped out, Reacts To Verdict

Anthony Todt’s father, who once arranged a success on his wife, is reacting to his son’s conviction for killing his family.

“It was hard to take,” Robert Todt, who viewed the current trial from his home in Massachusetts, told Hearst Connecticut Media Group.

Earlier this year, a jury found Anthony, 46, responsible for four counts of first-degree murder and something count of animal cruelty for that murders of his wife Megan, 42, as well as their children Alek, 13, Tyler, 11, and Zoe, 4, with their pet dog, Breezy. The court then gave the previous physical counselor existence without the potential of parole for that 2019 murders within the family’s home Celebration, Florida home.

Robert and Anthony aren’t other people to family violence.

Robert, an old special education teacher and wrestling coach, was charged of employing an ex-student with learning disabilities, 19-year-old John Chairmonte, to shoot his wife in 1980, based on court public records. Loretta Todt, Anthony Todt’s mother, survived the attack, but lost her left eye. Anthony was 4 at that time.

Then-assistant da Alan Rubenstein, who’s now a Dollars County judge, prosecuted the situation and told in 2020 that Anthony was in the home together with his sister during the time of the shooting. Robert had compensated the teenager $800 to kill his wife, based on court public records. Robert told Hearst he offered around 5 years for crime.

“He saw the gun, he saw the man, he saw everything,” Robert stated, reflecting on which Anthony saw throughout the shooting.

“I type of threw in the towel around the position as father,” he stated, adding he and the boy didn’t talk for a long time following the incident he stated they talk regularly now and that he does not believe that his boy were built with a fair shake in the court.

“If you appear at just how he was and pay attention to what continued, there’s several things there that didn’t make a great deal of sense,” he told Hearst, pointing towards the prosecution’s use of his son’s confessions. “It just didn’t appear right.”

Prior to the six-day trial started, Todt’s defense had requested presiding Judge Keith Carsten to exclude confessions — three in most — he earned about his family’s deaths to police force, the Orlando Sentinel reported. Only among the three was stored out from the courtroom, because detectives hadn’t informed Anthony of his Miranda legal rights. Carsten didn’t affiliate with the defense concerning the other two interviews they wanted covered up, claiming their client was suicidal coupled with limited capacity while he had overdosed on Benadryl. 

During individuals confessions, Anthony described killing his family and claimed he’d designed a murder-suicide pact together with his wife Megan simply because they thought the planet was ending. Later, inside a letter to his father, Anthony claimed Megan wiped out the children.

“You can’t take someone following a tragic situation and be prepared to essentially obtain the truth from them. It’s distorted, and it is not intended to be, but it’s,” Robert stated. “Tony doesn’t remember a great deal. … It doesn’t appear as though he was competent in that time.”

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