‘It Includes A More Motion picture Feel’: The ‘Dateline’ Team Reveals About New Peacock Series

If you are a real crime fan, it’s likely you are additionally a diehard “Dateline” fan. For a long time, “Dateline” has damaged lower mysterious disappearances, unsolved cases, disturbing murders, along with other shocking crimes via interviews with investigators and family members. The NBC series is really popular, it’s spawned offshoots like “Dateline: Secrets Uncovered” and “Dateline: Unforgettable,” in addition to podcasts such as the one that inspired the miniseries “The Factor About Pam.”

Now, a brand new “Dateline” spinoff is originating our way: “Dateline: The Final Day” will debut eight episodes on Peacock on June 14. Around the series, featuring correspondents we have arrived at know and love — Andrea Canning, Josh Mankiewicz, Stephanie Gosk, and, obviously, Keith Morrison — a victim’s final hrs are dissected to resolve the crime. 

Throughout a recent panel about “Dateline” at CrimeCon 2022, which featured Morrison, Canning, Mankiewicz, and Dennis Murphy, they discussed why they wanted to get this done new show.

“We all do break lower hour by hour what that individual was doing on that day [before these were wiped out]. It truly puts you within the moment,” Morrison stated, with Mankiewicz adding, “The last one, two, three, four hrs are … crucially important [inside a homicide analysis]. This is an interesting method of telling the storyline and also to begin to see the analysis unfold.”

It had not been exactly that the format provides an intriguing method to frame the storyline, though. The “Dateline” team seemed to be looking forward to using a streaming platform like Peacock, that will permit them to do various things — like alter an episode’s length.

“That’ among the attractions for all of us because time is really a cruel master using these tales. You are in a position to allow them to breathe a bit more, there is a more motion picture feel I believe,” Morrison stated.

Canning agreed, adding, “‘Dateline’ on NBC, Archiweekend, is lower towards the seconds with commercials. With streaming there’s more freedom.”

It may sound like in either case, don’t be surprised much more “Dateline” later on, be it in new formats or otherwise. The correspondents all emphasized just how much they love their job and dealing using the team.

“[Telling the tales on ‘Dateline’] is exactly what we like to do. The tales themselves could be bad or good and they may be dark which part is not fun. But fashioning the storyplot and which makes it accurate and making seem sensible will get the fervour going throughout us. It’s existence affirming. … I am happy each morning to obtain up and get it done,” Morrison stated.

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