‘Is The Price Excessive?’ Missouri Manufactured Benefits And Drawbacks List About Departing His Wife Before Killing Her

Before murdering his pregnant wife, Love Rothwell considered the benefits of departing her inside a benefits and drawbacks list later discovered by his boss.

Their email list was utilized, partly, as evidence to convict Rothwell for that murder of his wife, Jennifer Rothwell, now inside a St. Louis County Circuit Court.

Love accepted beating his 28-year-old pregnant wife having a hammer within their Missouri home in November of 2019, but had contended he wiped out her inside a haze throughout a heated argument, wishing the jury would choose the lesser control of wrongful death, based on the Connected Press.

Prosecutors had contended, however, the act have been premeditated and pointed to some benefits and drawbacks list Love wrote about departing his wife for any lady he was getting cheating with, dated This summer 31, 2019.

Their email list is discovered by his boss at Ambitech Engineering, where he’d labored in Westport before his arrest. In charge was overtaking the work Love have been focusing on as he found their email list designed in a piece notebook and handed it to government bodies, local station KTVI reports.

One of the “pros” of departing his wife for an additional lady, Love wrote “better sex existence,” “nicer,” “more respect,” “more appreciation,” “proven mother,” “potentially nice family” and “fresh start.”

His cons list incorporated “Jennifer and her family,” “have to maneuver,” “half my assets/money,” “possibly get another job,” “most of my buddies,” “trust is shaken/tainted” and “my family disappointment.”

“Is the price excessive?” he scrawled out there.

Prosecutors stated their email list offered as “evidence of premeditation,” based on an announcement released after his conviction.

They noted that Love had also written a Facebook message to another lady listing three options he felt he’d within the marriage, including breaking them back using the other lady, divorcing his pregnant wife or waiting and wishing for “a miscarriage or something like that.”

“The condition contended that Rothwell finally made the decision that ‘something’ is always to kill his pregnant wife after which stage it as being a disappearance,” prosecutors stated.

His defense attorneys had contended the benefits and drawbacks list demonstrated he had been “thoughtful” included in an inner dialogue about how to handle his marriage and stressed the note didn’t mention anything about killing his wife, KTVI reports.

Love claimed he’d wiped out his wife inside a “red haze” of anger throughout a heated argument coupled with struck her within the right side from the mind having a hammer, then struck her again when she was attempting to flee, based on prosecutors. He claimed the battle had damaged out upstairs close to the dining room table which his wife had fallen lower the steps in to the basement after he struck her.

However, throughout the trial, the medical examiner testified the fatal wound to her mind have been delivered with a single blow having a much heavier object just like a baseball bat. The medical examiner thought that Jennifer had really been “ambushed” near the foot of the steps after noting that all the bloodstream was located on the basement carpet close to the stairs, prosecutors stated.

Prosecutors stated Love then drove his wife about 45 miles using their home, dumped your body after which reported her missing. He was arrested after police force officials discovered bottles of bleach and wet, bloodstream-stained carpet within the couple’s home.

Love is anticipated to become sentenced This summer 8 and is facing existence imprisonment without the potential of parole.

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