Investigators Release Video Of Murdered 13-Year-Old Tristyn Bailey Walking Together With Her Alleged Killer

Government bodies have released eerie new video of 13-year-old Trystan Bailey walking together with her accused killer, Aiden Fucci early in the day hrs of May 9 before he allegedly stabbed her to death. Additionally they released video and photos of suspect Fucci smiling and taking selfies in the rear of a cop vehicle.

Fucci, 14, continues to be billed being an adult with first-degree murder within the grisly slaying of his classmate after government bodies found her body inside a wooded area near a retention pond in St. John’s County on Mother’s Day—the 24 hour she’d disappeared.

Within the new images released through the 7th Judicial Circuit Condition Attorney’s Office in Florida included in the discovery process, two people—believed to become Fucci and Bailey—can be viewed walking east on the pavement within their Durbin Crossing neighborhood on May 9, based on WTLV-WJXX. It’s the final known picture of the 13-year-old alive.

Other surveillance video allegedly captures Fucci running from the same wooded area, alone, several hrs later.

Based on Condition Attorney R.J. Larizza, Bailey was stabbed 114 occasions coupled with wounds to her hands, arm and mind suggesting she’d attempted to battle off her attacker, based on WJTX.

New video seemed to be released, apparently from surveillance video inside Fucci’s home, that show his mother, Very Cruz, running upstairs and obtaining some clothes from the room including a set of jeans. Based on an arrest report acquired by, the recording was taken after deputies had Fucci in the home for questioning.

Cruz, who’s facing charges of tampering with evidence, are visible in top of the right-hands corner of a few of the footage appearing to clean they, Law &amp Crime reports.

They, which Fucci was seen putting on in surveillance images, later tested positive for the existence of bloodstream, based on the arrest report. Bailey’s DNA seemed to be detected on a set of footwear present in his bed room, government bodies stated.

Other footage released by investigators show Fucci along with a friend sitting at the back of a patrol vehicle after Bailey went missing.

“Having fun inside a (expletive) cop vehicle,” Fucci is heard saying, based on the footage also acquired by WJTX.

He then turns your camera and states “What up guys? Tristyn should you (expletive) go out the damn…” prior to the clip abruptly ends.

In another brief clip, Fucci states “They’ve got us inside a f—ing cop car…tripping dude” because he checks your camera.

In a press conference in May, Larizza stated multiple witnesses told investigators that Fucci had told people he planned to kill someone by “taking them in to the forest and stabbing them” prior to the brutal slaying.

During questioning by law enforcement, Fucci allegedly made an appearance indifferent towards the teen’s dying before later acknowledging that they grabbed him as he attempted to hug her. He stated he pressed her and she or he fell striking her mind before he walked away, based on a study acquired by WTLV-WJXX.

Within an arrest report acquired by, government bodies stated the 14-year-old’s story “changed several times” before he earned “several admissions.”

He’s pleaded not liable towards the charges against him.

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