Investigators Interacted With Orlando Teen Miya Marcano’s Killer Two times Before His Suicide

Florida investigators have closed the Miya Marcano situation while insisting that the suspect in her own murder, who died by suicide before her remains put together, was the only person responsible.

The Oc Sheriff’s Office released a 135-page report on Tuesday that reveals additional information by what police believe became of the 19-year-old, who disappeared in September in the Orlando apartment complex, Arden Villas Apartment Complex, where she both resided and labored. Her remains, which medical examiners referred to as “nearly completely skeletonized,” were retrieved about not much later from behind a deserted apartment building. Her wrists and ankles were bound with duct tape, that was also found round her neck. 

Investigators think that Armando Manuel Caballero, 27, murdered her, however they were not able to find out just how she died due to the condition of her remains. He was found dead in an apartment complex in Seminole County of the self-inflicted gunshot wound days before her remains put together.

The recently released documents observe that investigators spoke to him two times following the teen’s disappearance. The very first time happened as investigators were at Marcano’s apartment complex eventually after she disappeared the teen’s family noticed that Caballero’s vehicle was present.

The victim’s family allegedly “observed a screwdriver inside a bag, a mobile phone situation on the ground, as well as an unknown blanket within the back seat of Armando’s vehicle,” the report notes. 

When talking to Armando, he “indicated [to investigators] he and Miya were just buddies and understood the accusations the family was making against him in reference to his past curiosity about Miya.”

Marcano’s aunt then started “accusing Armando of delivering obsessive text to Miya claiming his feelings for her” and seeking to provide her money, the report states. 

That very same evening, four people of Marcano’s family apparently adopted Armando to his apartment to determine him “removing various items” from his vehicle while “carrying blue rubber mitts (medical type), a black colored book bag, as well as an unknown kind of multi-pink colored blanket to his apartment,” based on the report. 

The household then known as the Casselberry Police Department who made the 2nd connection with Armando. They showed up on scene as the teen’s family continued to be outdoors of his home. 

“An unknown male member of the family of Miya contacted Armando and requested to look his residence to make sure Miya or even the blanket wasn’t inside,” the report details. “Armando decided to allow they to visit inside with him along with the existence of [a officer] to go searching. Following a walk-through and check from the residence, and never locating anything of evidentiary value the household member, Armando, and [police] removed the apartment.”

Still, investigators believe fully that Armando accounts for Marcano’s dying because they indicate DNA evidence located on the shirt Marcano was putting on before she disappeared along with a bloody pillowcase. Both put together in her own purse, that was discovered alongside her remains.

“At this time around, there aren’t any further investigative actions being adopted this situation and all sorts of evidence shows Caballero acted alone within the kidnapping and murder of Miya Marcano.” the report emphasizes.

Marcano’s family members have also filed a wrongful dying civil suit against Arden Villas Apartment Complex for alleged security oversights which endangered the teenager.

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