Investigators Allege That Murdered Mom’s Ex Put Her Mobile Phone From His Truck

Investigators allege the ex-boyfriend of the Florida mother whose body was discovered within an Alabama barn earlier this year put a product from his truck window regarding the the situation.

Marcus Spanevelo, 34, has been around child custody in Tennessee since April 3 on charges of tampering with evidence, giving falsehoods concerning military services weapons persons analysis and destruction of evidence. He was arrested on the warrant from Santa Rosa County in Florida after police there allege he was associated with the disappearance and dying of his ex-girlfriend, Cassie Carli.

Carli, 37, of Navarre Beach, Florida disappeared on March 27 soon after a child custody exchange with Spanevelo, the daddy of her 4-year-old daughter, as formerly reported. She was later found dead inside a shallow grave within the Alabama barn.

Spanevelo was extradited to Florida and that he made his first court appearance on Tuesday. First Judicial Circuit Judge Clifton A. Drake purchased him held on $21,000 for that charges as well as for a brand new and 4th count of refusing to supply government bodies having a DNA sample, Fox News reports.

An affidavit of complaint associated with Spanevelo’s first three charges, acquired by Fox News, gives more understanding of the allegations from the father. It claims that Spanevelo provided falsehoods “by not disclosing pertinent details about where he stopped along his route of coming back the place to find Panama City Beach with [redacted] later your evening.” 

Additionally they allege he put a product the window of his truck. It’s not obvious what that item is but investigators have formerly alleged that Spanevelo required and discarded her phone. 

“Marcus had spoken to someone and said excitedly he’d located [redacted] in the truck and put it from the window,” the current affidavit states, concerning the item.

The telephone has since been retrieved and investigators state that Spanevelo authored texts from that phone while pretending to be Carli.

 “I’m sorry, vehicle was causing problems, and that i broke my phone,” was among the texts delivered to Carli’s troubled and worried father, based on Fox News. “Marcus is focusing on it. I’ll remain at his place tonight. He’s having to pay me some cash to complete some stuff round his house.” 

Just days before Carli’s murder, Spanevelo was purchased to pay for her legal charges within their ongoing child custody fight. She disappeared following a scheduled child custody exchange of the daughter within the parking area from the restaurant Juana’s Pagodas in Navarre Beach, Florida. Her vehicle and purse put together inside a parking area close to the restaurant before her body was located. 

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