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There’s an abundance of shocking and horrifying true crime tales in the usa. Serial killers like Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy are big names, and unsolved murders and strange disappearances are regularly converted to podcasts and television shows. However the disturbing story from the Bender family has come about as an unexpected to even diehard true crime fans. This is exactly why “Hell’s Half-Acre: The Untold Story from the Benders, a Murderer Family around the American Frontier,” which investigates the Benders, is Archiweekend Book Club’s March 2022 pick.

Within the nonfiction read, created by Susan Jonusas, the horrifying and bizarre story is retold: In 1873 Kansas, a string of physiques was discovered hidden underneath an apple tree orchard near a cabin that of the Benders. The Benders — patriarch John, wife Elvira, boy John Junior., and daughter Kate, were nowhere found. The cabin itself were built with a cellar which was covered in bloodstream. Clearly, the Benders tried something horrible on their own property. The shocking discovery had the farm town community reeling and brought to some manhunt for that missing murderer family.

But who have been the Benders, and who have been the sufferers? Why did they commit such bloody crimes, and just what wound up happening for them? And just how did the American frontier enable this type of murder spree. Jonusas investigates individuals questions and much more using original archive material.

“Hell’s Half-Acre: The Untold Story from the Benders, a Murderer Family around the American Frontier,” is an amazing, well-researched true crime book you’ll be considering for several days once you finish. Read along with Archiweekend Book Club, and look out for the video interviews using the authors, in addition to led discussion questions. Happy studying!


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