Indiana Man Charged Of Murdering Girlfriend In Her Own Friend’s Bathtub After Mistreating Her

An Indiana man continues to be charged of murdering his former girlfriend in her own friend’s bathtub after several weeks of mistreating her.

Jordon Knudson, 37, was in prison for brutally murdering Kristina Johnson, 36, with a Ripley County jury, which required approximately two hrs to determine, based on Fox 19 Now. Knudson was charged with physically mistreating Johnson throughout their two-year relationship, prompting Johnson to from time to time remain at the friend’s house where her body was discovered, per a probable cause affidavit acquired through the Greensburg Daily News.

Soon after night time on Jan. 11, 2021, the friend, Rodney McEvoy, walked into his Holton, Indiana the place to find find Johnson face-in his bathtub and covered in bloodstream. It had been later determined that they was shot multiple occasions within the mind having a shotgun.

McEvoy raced by walking to his parents’ nearby home, alerting his mother, Marilee McEvoy, towards the grisly discovery. Marilee — a nurse — visited her son’s house and known as government bodies before trying to perform existence-saving measures on Johnson.

“I only agreed to be wishing I possibly could breathe some existence into her,” Marilee told The Osgood Journal. “But it couldn’t be achieved.”

Johnson was pronounced dead when responders showed up.

Rodney McEvoy — who’d been buddies with Johnson for a long time — told investigators using the Indiana Condition Police that Johnson sometimes remained at his residence because she was scared of her boyfriend, Jordan Knudson.

Knudson claimed that he’d last seen Johnson around the mid-day of Jan. 9, 2021, after he dropped her off in the Holton Food Mart to wait for friend to finish her shift, based on the Daily News.

That friend told detectives she received a phone call from Johnson on her behalf work phone around 5:11 p.m. on that day. The friend stated that Johnson requested her in the future outdoors, where Johnson had hidden within the backseat from the friend’s Sports utility vehicle using the doorways locked. Johnson told the friend she was scared of Knudson.

A person overheard the women’s conversation and provided to drive Johnson to Rodney McEvoy’s house.

Johnson was last seen with a friend at McEvoy’s residence on Jan. 10 around 9:30 p.m. — under three hrs before McEvoy found her body.

Government bodies determined that Johnson was wiped out having a Mossberg 500 .410 pump shotgun — the standard gun that were gifted to Knudson by his parents the year before, based on the Daily News. Knudsen’s father mentioned he learned the shotgun didn’t have in the residence on Jan. 11.

Knudson accepted to government bodies he had owned a sawed-off .410, but claimed he’d offered it. Knudson also was adamant it wasn’t exactly the same weapon accustomed to kill Kristina Johnson.

On Jan. 19, the Indiana Condition Police received an anonymous letter from somebody that claimed to stay in having the gun, per the affidavit. Government bodies tested a fingerprint located on the letter, which tracked to Knudson.

Knudson was charged with murder on March 26, 2021, based on the Journal.

Throughout the trial’s opening statements, prosecutor Ric Hertel claimed Johnson was gunned lower in McEvoy’s bathtub just hrs after she’d had dinner using the husband that she’d been separated and also the couple’s two children.

Hertel demonstrated a legal court that Knudson “blew up her phone,” calling Johnson 20 occasions and texting her 21 occasions right before the murder. He alleged that Knudson pointed the shotgun in her own face and shot her three occasions as she lay inside a bathtub.

Prosecutors also revealed a Facebook publish from 12 ,. 11, 2020 — right before Johnson declared a restraining order — by which Knudson authored, “Hope you die, evil, laying, cheating, b****, die.” The following day, Knudson allegedly burned Jones’s possessions along the side of a road.

Johnson had declared a restraining order against Knudson in Ripley County on 12 ,. 15, 2020, based on the Journal — within 24 hours she was accepted towards the St. Vincent Jennings Co. Hospital complaining of mind discomfort.

“He hits me within the mind ‘cause it doesn’t bruise badly,” Johnson apparently told medical personnel.

Johnson reported several times when Knudson caused her to blackout, and buddies claimed they’d formerly attempted to obtain Johnson to find medical assistance for any “severe arm wound” purportedly brought on by Knudson, based on the Journal.

Government bodies using the Ripley County Sheriff’s Office attempted for everyone Knudson using the restraning order on several occasions before Jones’ murder, but with no success.

“He was conscious of it,” stated Sheriff Shaun Cumberworth. “But we’re able to never get in touch with him.”

Knudson is scheduled to look for sentencing in June, based on Fox 19 Now.

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