Indiana Lady Wiped out By Abusive Ex Hrs After Cops Advised A Restraining Order

A household continues to be left to get the pieces following a woman’s abusive ex murdered her after which shot themself — all before her youthful daughter.

Rachael Feazell, 34, was shot and wiped out at her home in Evansville, Indiana around 6:00 pm on Saturday night by her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Hopkins, 46, who everybody then switched the gun on themself, based on the Evansville Courier-Press.

Before he accomplished it, Feazell’s surviving relatives told the paper, Hopkins told Feazell’s 10-year-old daughter, Ashlyn, that he’d shoot her, too, if she known as 911.

“To possess your daughter murdered, and also have your daughter witness the entire incident….It’s hell,” Feazell’s mother, Kelly Griggs, told Evansville NBC affiliate WFIE.

Feazell’s aunt, Connie Henry, told the station that Ashlyn wasn’t even permitted to consider her footwear when her grandmother found retrieve her.

“She couldn’t put on her footwear home simply because they were covered in her own mama’s bloodstream,” Henry described.

Griggs was awarded full child custody of Ashlyn years back, based on the Courier-News, because Feazell battled with addiction, but mother and daughter continued to be close coupled with intends to attend the Hadi Shrine Circus, which ended its annual Thanksgiving week run within the city on Sunday.

Feazell’s family stated that, before she was murdered, she was getting her existence together included in her need to get back full child custody of Ashlyn.

“She really was spending so much time on altering her lifestyle,” Feazell’s aunt, Henry, told the Courier-News. “In her own mind, she was bound and damned going to get her daughter back.”

Hopkins’ violent act upon Saturday night ended individuals hopes. Her household is reporting in, they told WFIE, simply because they think the criminal justice system must have done more to safeguard her, plus they want people to understand signs of domestic violence.

Feazell’s aunt, Henry, told the Courier-News that Feazell and Hopkins met at some stage in 2019. As he visited her, she stated, he was polite — but his violent, controlling behavior towards Feazell brought her grandmother to dub him “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

On April 26, 2020, Feazell known as 911 in the home the 2 shared at that time, based on paper. 

“Hurry, hurry, hurry … he’s already struck me,” she told the 911 operator.

When police showed up, she said excitedly he had first threatened to shoot her, then shoved her after which pinned her together with his forearm to her neck — and threatened to harm her more. She’d hidden within bed to 911.

Hopkins was arrested and billed with strangulation, domestic battery and violence. In June 2020, a circuit court judge issued a no-contact order with Feazell for Hopkins her family states Hopkins simply overlooked it.

Rather, he apparently held Feazell hostage.

“He held her hostage in the basement,” her aunt told the Courier-News. “He’d a padlock around the outdoors of the home and cameras in the home linked to his phone.”

In October 2020, Feazell steered clear of the house by crawling out a basement window, cutting herself. It doesn’t appear that Hopkins was billed for the reason that incident.

On April 14, 2021 — while Hopkins was still being waiting for trial around the April 2020 charges — police taken care of immediately another domestic violence report from Feazell in a new residence. That point, she told police, Hopkins pointed a gun at her, punched her hard, kicked her and stole her emotional support dog.

Feazell requested prosecutors at that time to not press charges for the reason that incident they didn’t pursue the situation. On March. 29, 2021, prosecutors told the Courier-News that Feazell requested a legal court to decrease no-contact order from June 2020 and told prosecutors on paper that “she no more wanted to pursue charges at the moment” associated with the April 2020 attack.

No-contact order expired on November. 1, 2021. Prosecutors dropped the costs against Hopkins from his April 2020 attack shortly after that.

Though Indiana law enables officials to confiscate weapons in domestic violences cases in front of you suspect’s conviction, it’s unclear when they ever confiscated the weapons that Hopkins threatened Feazell. People charged on domestic violence expenditure is not permitted to own firearms under both Indiana and federal law, but, by shedding the costs against him, prosecutors managed to get impossible for police to enforce any ongoing limitations on Hopkins’ gun possession.

On November. 27, Hopkins shot Feazell, threatened to shoot her 10-year-old daughter who observed the murder, after which wiped out themself.

Feazell’s family was still being making funeral plans by Wednesday, but told WFIE that they want individuals to put on crimson to create focus on domestic violence — but for the media to advertise sources for domestic violence victims within their communities.

“[Victims] need to know about [individuals sources] to start with, and they’ve to become brave enough to visit there and say ‘How will i escape from the Ryans on the planet?'” Feazell’s aunt described.

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