In ‘House of Gucci,’ Who’s Pina Auriemma, The Co-Conspirator Performed By Selma Hayek?

One of the numerous fascinating information regarding the Gucci family murder portrayed within the feature film “House of Gucci” is the fact that a psychic helped plan the slaying.

The film mainly portrays how Patrizia Reggiani Martinelli setup the murder of her ex-husband and former mind from the fashion house Gucci, 46-year-old Maurizio Gucci. He was fatally gunned lower within the foyer of his Milan office in 1995 and Reggiano was charged in 1998 for establishing the hit.

Throughout law enforcement analysis, it had been learned that Reggiani’s bestie and supposed psychic, Giuseppina “Pina” Auriemma, made connection with the hitman and the driver. Auriemma was sentenced to twenty five years while Benedetto Ceraulo, the hitman, was presented with a existence sentence. Orazio Cicala, the getaway driver, received 29 years in jail.

A 1997 La Occasions piece, which described Auriemma like a “high-society psychic” and Reggiani’s “spiritual consultant,” noted that Auriemma had also run her very own Gucci franchise store.

Ottavio Aragona, a deputy police commander in Milan, also told the la Occasions that Auriemma “enjoyed the trust and confidence” of Gucci’s ex-wife. The 2 buddies were referred to as very close with each other. 

Auriemma had even moved along with Reggiani in 1994, exactly the same year that Reggiana’s divorce from Gucci was finalized (though their relationship ended years before that), based on E! Online. The objective of her relocating was supposedly to assist her friend write a magazine about her existence within the Gucci world. Instead, the happy couple plotted the murder from the former fashion mind.

It’s reported that Reggiani compensated her psychic greater than $300,000 to employ Cicala and Ceraulo. Auriemma requested hotel night porter Ivano Savioni to place her in contact with the 2 men.

Auriemma was launched from prison this year.

Inside a recently released extended trailer from the film, Auriemma’s character, performed by Selma Hayek, is viewed with Reggiani, performed by Rhianna, as she visits the apparent hitman and the affiliate. Reggiani pleads with Ceraulo’s character to not “miss.”

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