“I’m Afraid In My Safety”: Lady Wiped out By Boyfriend In Hotel Lobby Murder-Suicide After Unsuccessful Restraining Order Attempt

A Texas lady was shot to dying a week ago by her allegedly abusive boyfriend inside a hotel lobby before he continued to kill themself, police stated. 

Jenna Soderberg, 27, was shot to dying at Houston’s Marriot Marquis, based on KHOU 11. Her boyfriend, 39-year-old Sherrick Byrd, then switched the gun on themself, police stated. Officers showed up in the hotel around 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 7, based on a media release acquired by Both victims were pronounced dead in the scene.

“We don’t even think this can be a random event,” Houston Police Chief Troy Finner stated in a press conference soon after the shooting. “It is really a murder-suicide. The gentleman did are available in sooner or later, shot the feminine, after which immediately shot themself.”

Finner believed the murder-suicide required place only five-to-ten minutes following the pair showed up in the hotel.

“What I realize is each of them arrived with suitcases,” Finner mentioned. “They had some conversation, which brought individuals to think that they understood one another. I do not determine if they’re actual visitors, however with getting within the suitcases, I believe these were most likely about to check to the hotel.”

Finner stated that Soderberg and Byrd arrived separate cars.

“Shortly after, the witnesses reported hearing a gunshot after which saw a mans suspect shoot themself,” based on the statement distributed around

Officials retrieved the gun in the hotel.

Court papers show there’d been extensive claims of domestic violence produced by Soderberg against Byrd previously few years, based on records acquired by KHOU. Inside a 2019 application for any protective order, Soberberg reported an assault inside a Hamburger King parking area, where she apparently fled for safety within the fast-food restaurant’s bathroom.

Employees arrived on the scene and threatened to law enforcement on Byrd.

“I want this protective order since i am afraid in my safety when Sherrick is about,” Soderberg authored in her own application. “The incident on This summer 4, 2019, demonstrated me that Sherrick is erratic and aggressive, and i’m scared of future violence. I’m frightened of what might happen if Sherrick is permitted to be with me, and that i want this protective to keep me safe.”

However, when Byrd couldn’t be discovered by government bodies, an order was ignored.

In 2018, Byrd was charged with brutally beating Soderberg after officials observed the victim at her neighbor’s apartment, based on Travis County court public records reported by ABC-13. Each of Soderberg’s eyes were inflamed shut, and she or he was bleeding from the deep cut on her behalf mind, records condition she also had bruises throughout her body.

“He designed to kill her on that day,” the neighbor told ABC-13. “I only agreed to be in shock. I did not say anything. She only agreed to be like, ‘Should I call law enforcement?’ I’m like, ‘Yes, ought to be fact. I will call law enforcement for you personally.’”

Upon arrival, officials found a lot of bloodstream on walls, pillows, and towels, based on Eyewitness News. Byrd was arrested on that day and jailed until going for a plea deal.

Byrd offered 114 days in prison following the charges were reduced to some misdemeanor. Family people claimed Soderberg was estranged from Byrd during the time of their deaths.

“Jenna Nicole Soderberg was tragically murdered by her estranged boyfriend,” a family member authored on her behalf GoFundMe page. “Her big heart thought she could save him, but rather, it ended with him taking her existence adopted by their own.”

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